Homeschooling Teen – May 2019

The May 2019 issue of Homeschooling Teen magazine is online!

There are a total of 20 articles in this issue, the most we’ve had in a while. Enjoy!



Editor’s Column

Letter from the Editor: May 2019

Homeschooling Teen is a monthly online magazine for homeschooled high schoolers ages 13-19, BY Homeschool Teens… FOR Homeschool Teens!


Homeschooling Teen Profile

Homeschoolers in the 2019 Scripps National Spelling Bee

There are 23 homeschooled spellers participating in the 2019 Scripps National Spelling Bee!>


Homeschooling High School

Helping Autistic Teens Gain Acceptance and Success

Here are ten autism resources that will help to increase understanding and acceptance.


Homeschool Electives

What Your Teen Can Learn From Textiles

A simple skill such as sewing can offer so many wonderful benefits to your teen.


Homeschool Friendly College

Crown College: Campus Video Tour

The Room + Board mini-series is like an extended Crown College tour.


College Life

The Princeton Review’s 2019 College Hopes & Worries Survey

The College Hopes & Worries survey has interesting stats and facts about students’ and parents’ dream colleges this year and what factors most impact their choices.



STAR Model – How Candidates are Judged Based on Experience at the Job Interview

Interviewers often use behavioral and competency-based questions like the STAR model to explore the potential value of job candidates.


The World Around Us

How to Set Up an Online Virtual Classroom for Homeschooling in 3 Easy Steps

Information about online tutoring for teens and online schooling for expat families homeschooling in Singapore.


Homeschool Characters in Literature & Film

The Field Trip, a Novel by Greg Elsasser

Reading this deep work of Christian fiction was like watching a vivid action movie in my mind!


Her Homeschooled Highness Reviews

Crooked House – Agatha Christie

Every person in the household had the motive, means, and madness to poison Aristide. But who did it?


Movie Reviews

Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels

Fifteen Ph.D. scientists come together to discredit the fake science of evolution.


Right-Wing Teen

Why Did So Many Scientists Get It Wrong about Polar Bears?

Dr. Crockford’s story is a great lesson in the arrogance of science and the madness of groupthink.


Read the Bible

Proverbs 31: God’s Instructions for Mothers

This Biblical Proverb describes an ideal wife and mother. Does it remind you of someone?


Product Reviews

Fill Your Room with the Sweet Scent of Lilac Sprays

Do you long for the scent of lilacs in full bloom?


Health Corner

7 Tips About How Crosswords Help in Improving Strategic Thinking

This article will explore seven tips on how crosswords can help improve your strategic thinking.


Game Reviews

How a Video Game Could Help Save Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral is an iconic landmark that influenced various facets of our culture, including video games.



Exactly How Do Electric Vehicles Work?

An animated guide on how electric vehicles work, from basic AC/DC currents to more complex topics like regenerative breaking.


Teen Tech Talk

Protecting Your Homeschooled Teens From Cyberbullying

While homeschooling is a solution to bullying for some families, it doesn’t completely solve the problem.


Guest Column

Secrets of Choosing the Right Dog Breed to be Your Friend

How to choose the perfect dog breed for you, so you won’t be disappointed in your new pet.



Candere Scholarship on “the Next Big Thing in Fashion”

Candere is offering an academic scholarship to anyone who believes they have what it takes.



The Ultimate LinkedIn Cheat Sheet – Updated for 2019

A comprehensive visual guide that will help you to create and optimize your LinkedIn profile.


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