Secrets of Choosing the Right Dog Breed to be Your Friend

By Rae-Rae

Do you dream of having a reliable friend who can share good and bad days with you? Then think of purchasing a dog and your dream will come true! Keep reading and find out how to decide on the right choice of dog breed you will like for sure.

dogg breedHave you made up your mind to have a dog at your home? Congratulations, as it is the best decision in your life. They don’t call dogs “man’s best friend” for nothing. Those furry, four-legged, tail-wagging pets bring tons of joy into our lives and for those coping with depression or other mental health issues, the unconditional love and loyalty of a dog can provide emotional support and boost one’s mood.

However, there are a few things you need to take into consideration before becoming the owner of a lovely canine. Or maybe you are looking for the answer to the question: “How to know what breed of dog is best for you?” Famous pet lover Max Polyakov Eos can help with both issues. He is a popular expert on pets, their care and training.

Max Polyakov travels a lot across the country to share his own secrets on caring for pets. He states that you must realize the cost and responsibilities as well as prepare all of the necessary things. Polyakov puts an emphasis on the importance of choosing the dog breed correctly in order not to be disappointed in the end.

So if you’ve come to realize that now is a good time to bring a dog into your life and you’ve arranged everything properly, then you have to figure out what type of dog you need. It’s important to consider which canine characteristics and traits will benefit you the most, such as the dog’s energy level, size, and breed.

Matching a dog to your needs

First of all, think well about your present lifestyle and decide which changes you are ready to do for the pet. Picking the wrong dog for your lifestyle can increase stress and anxiety, which is the opposite of what you want. So finding a dog that’s a good fit is essential. Do you want a cute cuddly lap dog, or a dog that is lively and active to run around and play fetch with?

Secondly, talk with other family members and consider their needs as well before choosing the smartest dog breed for your situation. If there are young children in the home, know that some dogs get along better with kids than others. Or maybe somebody in the family has an allergy so that you have to select only hypoallergenic dog breeds.

Among these other significant points, the third thing you need to think about are the perfect size for your future pet. Let’s look at these characteristics closer to understand how to identify the dog breed correctly.

What size would you prefer

It is not a secret, dog breed varies in sizes. You can choose either a small pet that you can carry with you everywhere, or a giant one. Although if it is difficult for you to decide, then you’d better consider a medium-sized animal.

How the size influences the care

If you prefer a small dog breed, keep in mind they are very delicate and you can easily cause injury. So you should remember this before finding the answer on how to choose a dog breed. Next point about little pets is that they often are cold and you will have to warm them.

As for a large dog breed, here you should also keep several things in your mind. First of all, they require more space for moving around so that they can stay safe and do not make a mess at your place. Finally, the larger a dog is, the more money you need to take care of it.

Why breed is so important

Are you wondering how to pick a dog breed? You are definitely doing something right. The breed is very important for making the right decision. Some people prefer purebred dogs, while some like mixed breeds due to various reasons. So if you grew up around a definite breed, such as an Airedale Terrier, or you like the way some dogs look and act, then you should probably choose exactly this breed. Otherwise, you may not feel so comfortable and pleased with your pet.

We hope we helped to answer the question of how to choose a dog breed and now you can make the decision without any hesitations. Please, write in comments about what breed you like and why!

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