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For over 100 years, Crown College has been preparing students for lives of outstanding service and leadership. Located just west of Minneapolis, MN, they offer traditional on-campus degree programs, 18 NCAA Division III athletic teams, internship opportunities, and summer outreach programs around the globe. They are also a leader in online education with nationally-recognized bachelor and master’s degree programs that can be completed 100% online with most courses just seven weeks long.

Since all of their programs integrate industry best practices with biblical principles, graduates of Crown College are prepared to succeed both professionally and personally. Crown has been recognized by U.S. News & World Report, MONEY Magazine, and Christian Universities Online. As previously reported in Homeschooling Teen, Crown College is homeschool-friendly.

Crown College recently launched a new resource for those interested in viewing the campus. The Room + Board mini-series shows what it feels like to go to Crown College through a narrative lens, while providing useful information for incoming freshman and parents. Each episode provides a virtual tour of different locations on and off campus, through unique stories and scenarios that many students face as they embark on their college journey.

The inspiration for the Crown College Room + Board mini-series came from a desire to share Crown’s campus through a storytelling format. Unlike any other school tour you’ve been on, this video series allows you to follow different characters as they invite you into their lives as Crown students. The goal was to showcase relatable scenarios happening all around Crown while simultaneously showing you different parts of campus and the surrounding area.

The entire cast and crew for Room + Board is made up of students, staff, faculty, and alumni. Not only that, but every episode was shot and edited utilizing equipment and production techniques associated with the college’s Communication degree program in Video and Film Production.

Here’s what’s been happening so far in the Crown College Tour…

Season One: Josie

The Cross – Josie discovers that the shape of the school has more meaning than she originally thought. Featured locations: Dining Center, Student Development Hall, Wild Athletic Center, Library, Classrooms, Campus Store, and Chapel.

Taking Detours – Taking several detours along the way, Josie sets out on an adventure to the Mall of America. Featured locations: Richardson Hall, Crown Entrance Sign, Mocha Monkey, Lake of the Isles, Sota Clothing, Uncommon Grounds, Pizza Luce, Sculpture Garden, Guthrie Theater, Penny’s Coffee Shop, Minnesota State Capitol, Mickey’s Diner, George Latimer St. Paul Library, Mall of America.

I’m Tired – Josie needs to study for a test, but not before she finds the best place for a quick nap. Featured locations: Communication Lab, Richardson Hall, Main Lobby, Parley Lake, Faith Village, Weight Room.

Need Help – Josie learns the best way to get help is to ask for it, even if it’s outside her comfort zone. Featured locations: Biophysics Lab, Sherburne Ave Coffee Shop, Library, Collaboration Center.

Season Two: Alex

Hot Pursuit – Alex unexpectedly finds his way onto a team. Featured locations: Richardson Hall, Certified Athletic Training Center, Weight Room, Front Drive, Sherburne Ave Coffee Shop, Front Pond, Wild Athletic Center.

Seek Peace – Alex finds help dealing with anxiety over what’s next after graduation. (Coming soon!)

New Song – Alex comes across an original song that he just has to have. (Coming soon!)

See for yourself! Take the Crown College Tour:

For anyone interested in visiting Crown’s campus in person, they offer several options for tours during the year. You can either schedule a personal tour or experience a Crown College Tour with a larger group during one of their Preview Day events. Click here to schedule a tour.

For more information about Crown College, go to

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