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Your Education: Seven Study Tips for Your Freshman Year

By Anita Ah, freshman year. While dropping a child off at college can result in a teary goodbye for parents, students typically have a different perspective. While being away from home can be a difficult adjustment in some ways, there is much about which to be excited with new freedoms and new friends abound. Of […]

Top 4 Ways to Memorize Information for Good

Memorizing facts is not the most important thing to do before a test or quiz. It’s much more important to understand the general concepts and make sure you can explain them. However, there are some things that just plain need to be memorized, like dates, equations, or the periodic table. In order to study as […]

Study Smart

There is only one way to get good grades, and that is by studying and applying yourself. Sincere motivation, along with some decent effort, will help you to do well in school. You can start developing good study habits by approaching your studies with a positive attitude and arranging your home environment to encourage learning. […]