A Principle Approach to the Bible and America

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Make the Bible the Center of Your Home!

  • Daily Family Bible Time • Summer Studies • School This Fall

The Judah Bible Curriculum is a Principle Approach* course designed to help you teach your children how to study and research the Bible, extract true understanding from it, and apply Biblical principles to his or her own life and character.

  • Your whole family can study the Bible together
  • Develop comprehensive Bible knowledge
  • Build strong, Godly character

The Bible is the textbook for the Judah Bible Curriculum, so you study the Bible itself instead of an external curriculum. This makes the Bible class much more exciting, thought provoking, discussion stimulating, and valuable.

See Complete Information and Statement of Faith.

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The Judah Bible Curriculum is a Complete 12-Year Bible Curriculum for use with all your family and students! Get a Free Sample Lesson Here

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3-in-1 Textbook on the Foundations of America

Self-Evident Truths: Foundations of American Political Thought

Often we hear, “America is based on Biblical principles.” But what are those principles and how do they work?

Self-Evident Truths is a beginning resource textbook to help renew a practical understanding of how America was designed to work. Learn and teach the basics about how to have a free nation, about America’s Biblical philosophy of government, about God’s answers to politics.

Use Self-Evident Truths for three related courses in your homeschool studies:

  1. Civics – Biblical View of the History of American Freedom
  2. Bible – Biblical Worldview of God, Man and Government
  3. Current Events – Biblical Solutions and a True Perspective of Current Issues

Get a Free download of the course outlines & explanations.

Learn more about Self-Evident Truths and Order at Amazon

*The Principle Approach

The Principle Approach returns to the roots of American liberty, reviving America’s historic Christian method of education. God’s Truth is the basis of every subject in the curriculum and Creationism is the foundation of the sciences. In each lesson, Biblical principles are taught that expand and enrich the Biblical understanding of that subject. Foundational to this method is the principle of individuality—that each child is uniquely created by God. Through the Principle Approach, students will acquire the reading, research, application, and writing skills necessary to learn how to study on their own. The students learn from the knowledge, experience and stories of the teacher, while the teacher also learns as he or she prepares and teaches each lesson.

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