5 Ways to Give Your Space a Total Makeover

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By Dan Matthews

Homeschooling means spending a lot of time at home, which can make your surroundings seem dull and uninspired. For teens, their room or their workspace can be a place that jumpstarts their creativity and independence. Giving a teen the freedom to make their own design choices in their room or workspace can increase their connection to that room even more.

However, their bedroom or office may be small, and their budget may be even smaller, so it’s important to find ways to give their space a makeover without spending a fortune on renovations or new furniture. Thankfully, not every makeover comes with a high price tag.

A New Coat of Paint

Sometimes all a room needs is a fresh coat of paint in order to feel like a brand new space. This is also a great opportunity for teens to exercise their creativity and to do some hard work while painting their own space in a way that reflects them. Though paint is a relatively inexpensive solution, it’s a lot of work to clear a room, clean it, tape it, and paint it. In order to keep paint choices cost effective, make sure you know how much paint to buy. You can check the average coverage on the paint can itself, and measure each wall’s square footage by multiplying the wall’s width times its height.

When choosing paint colors, remember to use the color wheel and to test out colors before committing. Sometimes lighting, furniture colors, and spacing can really change the look of a paint choice, so ask for a sample before committing to an entire can.

Making Old Look New

Having a new rug, bedspread, desk, or art on the walls will make a room feel new, even if those items aren’t actually brand new. Sometimes all a room needs are a few items that change up the decor and feel, which can be done by thrift shopping, swapping decor items from other rooms, or even making some DIY art. You can repaint your desk yourself, buy a new rug at a garage sale, and search Pinterest for a great art project to hang on the walls. It may take more time, but it’ll be a lot more cost effective, not to mention the added artistic freedom of making pieces or finding something vintage that can make all the difference in a room.

Buying a New Bedspread or Pillows

Though thrift shopping is a great option to make old items feel new, you can also choose to buy brand new items that can make a room pop. Often, a room doesn’t need a renovation, it just needs an accent item to make a room feel made over. In a bedroom, a bedspread is often the centerpiece. Even in a workspace, chair pillows can create an accent color to make a room feel more finished. Some of these items are a little pricier, so your teen may gain some skills by budgeting for the new items they’d like for their space. This can be a great tool in teaching them about managing their money and budgeting for the things they want.

Revamp the Workspace

Kids who are homeschooled spend a lot of time in their workspace, so it can feel stagnant after a while. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways that they can work to revamp that space without getting too crazy. Whether they do their work in an office or at a desk in their room, they can easily add some glamour to their workspace. Adding DIY touches to their office supplies, like spray painting file holders or adding a whiteboard, can add some flair. They can also add some plants or frame some photos to put on their desk. Even their filing cabinet can be painted or upgraded with some wallpaper. It doesn’t take much to revamp a workspace, and small changes can make all the difference.

Organizing and Cleaning

Sometimes a space doesn’t need new paint, furniture, or accent pillows. Sometimes, organizing, cleaning, and rearranging a room is all a space needs to be renewed. Instead of buying a new bedspread, focus on buying organizational bins and making a room easier to navigate with less clutter. If you decide to go this route, remember to:

  • Sort
  • Clean
  • Organize
  • Rearrange

This will help to keep the process organized. First, sort through what is being kept, what gets tossed, and what should be donated. Then, clean the room top to bottom. Use some spring cleaning tips by working to clean areas that don’t get cleaned often. Then, organize the items they choose to keep. Lastly, rearrange the furniture. Remember to pay attention to lighting and to arrange in a way that makes sense for the flow of the room.

Teens don’t have to be stuck in the same bedroom or workspace forever; they can change up the look of their environment by giving their space a makeover. Their space can evolve as they evolve, and it’ll give them a chance to stretch their creativity and learn about responsibility in the process. It doesn’t have to be an expensive process, but the end result can create an inspirational environment for them. A simple coat of paint, some new pillows, or a change in design can make all the difference.

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