Study Stress: 15 Things You Need to Know

By Yvonne McQuarrie

Recently I was doing some research on student stress and stress reduction methods when I found this great article, “Start the School Year Strong.” I just wanted to give you a heads up about my infographic: it’s called “Study Stress Infographic — 15 Things You Need to Know.” It discusses common stress sources and some stress management methods. Also, readers will learn about a gap year as an option to consider when the stress level is too high and students feel they can’t cope with it.

Here is a brief outline:

What Causes Study Stress

  • Heavy workload and bad work/life balance
  • Poor time management and sleeping schedule
  • New environment and homesickness
  • Academic performance expectations and financial burden
  • Social anxiety

Methods of Stress Management

  • Stress outlet
  • Talking sessions
  • Fixing your schedule and habits
  • Finding ways to relax
  • Distractions and a proper mindset

Gap Year: The Anti-Burnout Solution

  • A chance to find a new perspective
  • Motivation boost
  • Extra time to prepare and mature
  • Time to get new knowledge
  • Establish new connections

Study stress has a variety of symptoms:

  • Physical (headaches, muscle aches, nausea, trouble sleeping, fatigue)
  • Emotional (sadness, sense of isolation, restlessness, feeling overwhelmed, irritability)
  • Cognitive (poor concentration, worrying, anxious thoughts, impaired judgment)
  • Behavioral (altered sleeping and eating habits, lying, desire for isolation, trouble getting along)

Stress in small amounts can be beneficial by improving your cognitive and physical performance, but too much stress can be harmful. If you are experiencing too much study stress, it’s best not to leave it as it is. My infographic is going to help you with that.

Here is the infographic:

Study Stress

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Let me know what you think!

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