DeskCycle & Wobble Stool Air: A Perfect Pair

DeskCycle & Wobble Stool AirBy Tab Olsen

I’m the one who reviewed the DeskCycle back in 2016. I still love my DeskCycle and it suits its purpose well, which is bicycling under your desk.

I had been using a regular office chair, but it was getting worn out and I really wanted a wobble chair (balance ball chairs are too weird in my opinion), but wobble chairs were always so expensive. That is… until I found the Wobble Stool Air!

Finally, an affordable wobble stool!

WOBBLE STOOL AIR is a chair alternative for active sitting. It’s a swiveling adjustable height ergonomic office desk stool with a bouncy wiggle seat cushion. You can raise it up like a bar stool or lower it down to regular chair level. I imagine it would even work as a keyboard stool, especially if you’re playing jazz piano. 😉

It took some getting used to when I first sat down on the Wobble Stool, because it keeps you off kilter so you feel like you’re tipping and you want to grab onto something to hold yourself steady. But after a while you get used to it and you can balance fine while wobbling without holding on to anything. I can easily type on my desktop computer while doing it, too, no problem.

Do you often spend a long time sitting at your desk writing, working, or computing, and by the time you decide to get up you feel like you’re stuck to your chair? That always happened to me but not any more. The Wobble Stool Air is great for strengthening your core muscles while you sit, and keeping your body active so you don’t turn into a slug.

Desk Cycle / Wobble Stool Combo

The best thing is, the Wobble Stool Air goes perfectly with my DeskCycle! In fact, they work so well together, it’s like they were made for each other. Seriously, they should be sold as a set! The legs of the Wobble Stool Air fit precisely over the base of the DeskCycle to keep everything in place so no worries about rolling away.

Between the Wobble Stool and DeskCycle, I bet I lost five pounds in just the first few months. I wobble and bike for 45-50 miles PER DAY just while sitting at my desk! It’s fun, too, especially when listening to music while you work and wobble away!

I don’t know how long the Wobble Stool Air has been on the market, but I sure wish I’d found it years ago. Combined with the DeskCycle, it works much better than a regular chair for the purpose of exercising at your desk. I’m wobbling and cycling as I write this – what a great combination, getting work done and a fun workout at the same time!

I swear by my DeskCycle and Wobble Stool. There are just a couple of caveats to keep in mind…

  • The seat of the stool is held on with really short screws, so don’t pick up the stool and carry it around by the seat. The screws will loosen and work their way out, and it’s hard to screw them back into the cheap particleboard underneath. So if you must pick it up, hold it by the base only.
  • The seat is a good size and the air cushion is thick enough for most people, but beware of anyone who is too large or overweight sitting on it. (They say the maximum weight is 250 lbs, but I wouldn’t go over 200 just to be safe. Anyone bigger than that won’t be comfortable sitting on a little stool anyway.)

And finally, I’ll end with two unexpectedly good things that I love about the Wobble Stool…

Please Note: This product was NOT provided at a discount in exchange for a review but was purchased by a homeschooling family at the full retail price. If you decide to buy one after reading this review, clicking thru the Amazon links on this page will give us a small commission for our efforts at no extra cost to you.

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