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Atari Vault

100 classic Atari games from the golden era of arcade gaming, now with added features!


An early access casual survival game that can be downloaded from Steam for free.

Folk Tale

Folk Tale is a new RTS fantasy-adventure-comedy game by indie collaboration studio Games Foundry.

Age of Empires 2 HD

Age of Empires II is an old game from 1999, and the following year they released the expansion “The Conquerors.” When I got my hands on this game I played it for hours on end; it quickly became my second favorite game (the only one I love more is Chex Quest). But enough about my […]

Legend of Grimrock

A Game Review, by Super Searcher “Legend of Grimrock” is a fantasy game. Its gameplay is similar to “Dungeon & Dragons;” in fact, it even gives you an option to play on a blank, white grid. But if you’re not one to play that way, it has a first person view where you walk through […]