Atari Vault

atarivaultAtari, one of the world’s most recognized names in interactive gaming, hardly makes an impact these days – but there’s no questioning the influence it had on the industry’s early years.

Last week in San Antonio, the company previewed its re-imagined PC title Atari® Vault at PAX South 2016. Atari Vault bundles the publisher’s most beloved classic games into a single PC title – complete with the games’ original 70’s and 80’s soundtracks – to transcend generations and audiences. Including 100 iconic fan-favorite games like Asteroids, Centipede, Missile Command, Tempest, Warlords and many more, Atari Vault will enable fans from around the world to relive the classic arcade glory days in the modern age.

If you’ve been yearning to play some Atari classics, or want to brush up on your video game history, this could be an easy way to do so. These games won’t be simple ports, either, but will offer the fun of retro gaming with modern-day controllers. The Atari Vault compilation will feature a sleek new user interface, the addition of online and local multiplayer options, Steam leaderboards (in the old days there was no way of sharing the high scores), and Steam Controller support. Those who played on the original Atari systems will instantly notice that Atari on Steam provides significantly improved precision control.

Atari Vault is under development by Code Mystics – which worked on several Atari Greatest Hits compilations on the Nintendo DS and the mobile compilation Atari’s Greatest Hits. There’s no official word yet on pricing, but Atari Vault will launch sometime in Spring 2016.

If you’re interested in playing Atari games, you can head over to Atari Arcade to brush up on your skills ahead of the Atari Vault release on Steam.

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