Folk Tale

Folk Tale is a new RTS fantasy-adventure-comedy game by indie collaboration studio Games Foundry. The game is still in development, available through early access, so it doesn’t have a whole lot to offer at this time. Currently the alpha version has two gameplay options, the tutorial and sandbox mode. I haven’t had a chance to play the sandbox gamemode yet, so I’ll mainly talk about the tutorial campaign.

The tutorial campaign starts out simple enough; you have an advisor, some villagers, and a village. The first 30 minutes of the campaign consist of the advisor telling you to build certain buildings in your village and training new units (i.e., Farmer, Miner, Lumberjack.)

After the first 30 minutes, as your village starts to grow, some goblins come in. They burn houses, take villagers, and generally ruin your good mood. Once this happens, you start to train soldiers to explore other areas of the world in hopes of finding a way to get your villagers back from the goblins.

The other parts of the world besides your coastal village include: a snowy mountain, swamp, ogre mine, and a dwarven stronghold. As you explore these areas, you must complete certain quest objectives to get you closer to rescuing your villagers. Along the way you’ll meet some interesting characters such as a knight who will help you fight, and a wizard who needs help getting his pet familiar back.

After you have done certain things which I will not speak about (spoilers), you can enter the goblin village and rescue your villagers! The campaign is all right I suppose, but it’s a bit lacking in some areas. Though as I said, this game hasn’t officially been released yet.

You can buy Folk Tale on the Steam gaming platform for about $20, although I would recommend waiting for the price to drop during a sale. Buying the game from Steam Early Access allows you to play Folk Tale during the game’s development and provide feedback to the developers. In turn, they will give you the final digital retail version of the game and all patches thereafter in appreciation of your support.

All in all, I’d give the game a toast/10 (inside Folk Tale joke.) :3

-Super Searcher

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