STEAM Gifts for Teens

Looking for STEAM gifts for the older kids and teens on your list? Here are some great ideas for gifts that support the subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. These are the best kinds of gifts for homeschoolers, because they are both fun and educational. A few of them can also double as inspiration for a science fair project. Click through the links to purchase the products on


MudWatt STEM Kit: Clean Energy from Mud

This unique STEM kit has received outstanding reviews from kids, homeschoolers, teachers, and tinkerers alike! MudWatt is a bio-energy “pet” that runs on microbes that live in soil. Maximize the MudWatt’s power by experimenting with different soils, different foods from the fridge, and different temperatures. Along the way, you will learn about many STEM disciplines including renewable energy, sustainability, microbiology, chemistry, electricity, and more. The MudWatt is loved by both young and old, from elementary school level all the way up to college level.


Snap Circuits Motion Electronics Kit

Snap Circuits does it again! The motion kit is focused on physics and things that move, such as pulleys, fans and motion detectors. Like the other sets, Snap Circuits provides a hands-on education in how electrical circuits work to run everyday devices. Over 50 parts and over 165 projects to complete; all motion- and physics-based.


Thames & Kosmos Mechanical Engineering Robotic Arms

Learn how robotic machines perform work by building six different robotic arms. Special pneumatic system uses air pressure to power the models. Includes 32-page, illustrated experiment manual and assembly guide.


Bath Bomb Lab

Combine art and science with this kit from MindWare that makes it easy and safe to learn about the unique chemical reactions that occur when making and using your own fizzy and fragrant bath bombs. This hand-on kit offers multiple recipe options to experiment with, giving you options for different sizes, colors and scents, and even the ability to create a super bath bomb for ultimate fizzy fun. The colorful detailed guide booklet includes step-by-step instructions, helpful hints when experimenting and fine points on the chemistry behind bath bombs!


Mission 5 Math Card Game

Mission 5 is a fun and competitive math game with seven different levels, so it can be played by kids but it’s challenging for teens and adults too. Players can choose from just adding and subtracting, to exponents and negative numbers. It’s an educational strategy game that’s also a travel card game. It helps the mind become more creative in manipulating numbers to achieve the target of a specific number: 5. Perfect for family game night, camping, parties, or simply having a fun time with friends. Great for when you don’t have a lot of time because you can play it in less than ten minutes if you want to. Note: This is a small card game, only about 5×4” so more of a stocking stuffer.

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