unturnedA Game Review, by Josh

Unturned is a casual survival game that can be downloaded from Steam for free. It has a blockish, cartoony art style, and has single-player and multi-player modes. It’s Early Access, meaning the game is still being developed. The game version at the time of writing this is 3.0, and it has been getting steady updates, which download automatically via Steam.

You start out completely unarmed, and must search the open-world map for supplies. You need food, water, medical supplies, and cloths. All the while avoiding a few different types of zombies. Until you get a weapon (which are common,) it’s best to sneak your way around zombies. There’s plenty of different items/weapons/vehicles.

The game is extremely fun in a private server with friends. Driving around looting towns and building bases are fun things to do with friends. In public multi-player servers, it’s best to completely avoid anyone you don’t know, as most other players are bandits who would love to shoot you in the face. You can be a bandit too, if you want however.

There are a lot of different things to do in the game. As mentioned earlier you can build bases, drive lots of different cars, loot zombie-infested towns, kill every zombie you see, sneak around them entirely, roam the countryside looking for animals or hidden areas, go fishing, craft useful supplies, be a bandit in a public server, or be a nice guy in a public server.

There are four maps that come with the game: PEI, which is civilian themed, and has been in the game since the start. Yukon , which is much more survival oriented, as towns are spread much further apart, and there is the added risk of freezing. Washington, which has more of a military theme. And finally, a Halloween variant of PEI. It’s just PEI, but a whole lot more spooky.

If you get bored of the game’s default content, you can download a ton of community made mods and maps from the Steam Workshop. There is also an easy-to-use level editor, if you want to make your own map.

You can optionally buy the $5 Permanent Gold Account Upgrade, which gives you exclusive cosmetics, as well as a couple other things. Speaking of cosmetics, by playing you can get random item drops that give you cosmetic items, which can be equipped on your character via the main menu.

The game’s current state is fun, if not a bit buggy. If you want to play a casual survival game, I’d recommend this to you. Especially if you have someone to play it with.


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  1. Great write for an excellent game that still has so much to offer. It is worth upgrading for the $5 in my opinion as it not only helps support a budding young developer but adds a nice bit of content. Keep playing 🙂

  2. We as gamers should support INDIE devs.
    Unturned, starbound, minecraft and many other games are gems that should be to every gamer library.
    Stay away from Graphics focused games!

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