Legend of Grimrock

A Game Review, by Super Searcher

“Legend of Grimrock” is a fantasy game. Its gameplay is similar to “Dungeon & Dragons;” in fact, it even gives you an option to play on a blank, white grid. But if you’re not one to play that way, it has a first person view where you walk through dark dungeons and fight beastly creatures.

Its gameplay differs from what I expected in an FPS game. You are not just playing one person; you pick and choose four of your own characters and then you control all four at once. It may sound hard at first, but let me explain how it works. You make four characters of your choosing, picking their race (Human, Minotaur, Lizard-man, or Insectoid). You can then decide what class they are (be it fighter, mage, or rogue), and also what their traits and abilities are (how strong or magical they are, etc.).

The combat system is a cross between turn-based and FPS. After you attack you must wait a certain amount of time (depending on the weapon or item), but you are free to move around as you like. This is good, as some of the creatures are stronger than you, and you must learn to hit and dodge them.

Now, for the levels and map design. In many places it’s a big maze. I’m very thankful that they give you a map of the level you are on to look at if you get lost. There are also many clever (and sometimes devious) puzzles that you must solve. Oh, also, traps, watch out for traps. Guess it’s only right that I mention there are hundreds of secret areas full of goodies (and sometimes, baddies).

The official campaign overall was rather short in my opinion, but it was well worth playing. Also if you buy the game on Steam, you get access to the Steam workshop that will allow you to browse hundreds of maps and campaigns made by other players. Which brings me to one of the best parts: the game comes with a map editor which gives you the ability to create, play, and publish your levels to the workshop.

In closing, the game is an indie game and pretty cheap ($15). If you’re into gaming (or the fantasy genre), I would recommend to you this amazing game. http://www.grimrock.net

-Super Searcher

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