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New Phases

New phases in life can be scary, like driving a car for the first time or starting college. But I wouldn’t want to be stuck in one season forever.


I’ve discovered some of Jake’s and Jolene’s quirks through the months that I’ve had them, but the most recent were the best.


When it comes to your animal, you should always be the lead mare, or alpha, or you won’t get the respect you need from your animal.

A New Horse

Sometimes things in our life change, sometimes not always seeming good but underneath some good can always come out of it.

Horse Breed Heaven: The American Saddlebred

By Kayla Bignall  Hi there horse fans! This month we will be discussing the American Saddlebred. The American Saddlebred is a larger horse. It stands at 15-17 hands and weighs 1000 to 1200 pounds. It originated in Kentucky and Missouri with bloodlines from Morgans, Thoroughbreds, and English horses. There are no color restrictions for Saddlebreds […]

Horse Breed Heaven: American Quarter Horse

By Kayla Bignall Hi there horse fans! This month we will be discussing the American Quarter Horse. The American Quarter Horse American Quarter Horses originated in the 1600s along the New England coast. They have a mix of Arabian, Turk, Thoroughbred, and English Horse Breed ancestry. These horses are very versatile. They are calm for […]

Horse Breed Heaven: Akhal-teke

By Kayla Bignall  Hi there horse fans! This month we will be discussing the Akhal-teke (Ah-cull Tek-y) Turkmenistan Coat of Arms   The Akhal-teke is a breed that originated in Turkmenistan and is now part of their national coat of arms. These beautiful horses are thought to be one of the oldest surviving horse breeds […]

The Sports Report

By Caela What Happened at the Belmont? – Well unfortunately there will not be a Triple Crown winner because I’ll Have Another had to pull out of the Belmont due to a sore muscle in his right leg. The horse that won the Belmont was Union Rags. I’ll Have Another is the fourth horse to […]

Horse Breed Heaven

By Kayla Bignall  Hi, I’m Kayla and I am going to start writing an article about horses each month. Each article will have a certain breed that it focuses on. This article is my first so I am going to start by telling a little about me and a few general horse facts. I have […]

The Sports Report

By Caela NBA Semi-Finals The four teams in the semi-finals are the Oklahoma City Thunder, San Antonio Spurs, Boston Celtics, and the Miami Heat. Here is how the Thunder got to the Semis: in the first round they beat the Dallas Mavericks 4-0 and in the second round they beat the Los Angeles Lakers 4-1. […]

Amelia and The Amazing Pinto Pony

by Megan Amelia, age 13, was a great horse-lady. She hardly ever did anything without thinking of horses, dreaming of horses, smelling horses, or drawing horses! Now you see why she is a horse-lady. Well, anyway, she loved horses (as you know). Amelia was always sure to see that her black, white, and brown pinto […]