Horse Breed Heaven

By Kayla Bignall 

Hi, I’m Kayla and I am going to start writing an article about horses each month. Each article will have a certain breed that it focuses on. This article is my first so I am going to start by telling a little about me and a few general horse facts.

I have a Morgan horse named Babylon Dark Jezebel1 (we call her DJ). She is my first horse and we just got her in November. She is 20 years old but she still is able to be ridden. Her birthday is March 30. I plan on having a horse farm when I am older and giving riding lessons. My birthday is August 24. I am new to homeschooling; I have only been doing it since February. I think it is very fun and an interesting experience!

I am going to list some general horse facts below.

First off, don’t confuse a pony and a horse. They are very different. Horses tend to be thinner and are usually 14.2 hands or taller. Ponies are usually stockier with shorter legs and head and are less than 14.2 inches. Do you ever wonder just how many horse and pony breeds there are? Well,there are over 600 horse and pony breeds in the world today. There are natural and also man-made breeds that come from breeding two horses of different breeds.

Horses can seem gentle but still be cautious around them. If they see or hear something they think is a predator and run away, they don’t care who or what is in front of them, either it moves, or they move it. Also, don’t stand in their blind spots. They cannot see directly behind or in front of them. They may kick out if they don’t see you. You should never run up behind a horse. Remember, horses are prey animals so they have a natural fight-or-flight response, so they could think you are a predator if they cannot see you.

This month we will be discussing the Abtenauer

The Abtenauer originated in the Abtenau Valley in Austria. They are normally used for draft work, because they are cold-blooded horses (Muscular heavy-set horses). Theses horses are about 14.3-15 hands high. They can be black, brown, or blue roan. The Abtenauer is very willing and quiet but there are only a little over 100 left! They were bred in an isolated area so they are totally pure-bred, no other breed has edited or changed it. They are a mountain breed and are known for their flowing trot. They have strong legs and a well-shaped head. Sometimes, a baby will be born with a curly coat that is lost when its baby fur sheds.

Kayla is 13 years old and lives in Columbiaville, MI. She has a younger sister; two dogs, Macy and Emmy; fourteen chickens; and a Morgan horse named Babylon Dark Jezebel1 (we call her DJ)! 

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