Horse Breed Heaven: Akhal-teke

By Kayla Bignall 

Hi there horse fans! This month we will be discussing the Akhal-teke (Ah-cull Tek-y)

Turkmenistan Coat of Arms


The Akhal-teke is a breed that originated in Turkmenistan and is now part of their national coat of arms. These beautiful horses are thought to be one of the oldest surviving horse breeds in the world. They are abundant too; being at a high number of 3,500 in the world. They are located in their home country, Turkmenistan, Russia, Europe, Australia, and North America though they are an Asian breed. Their name is very unique and has an equally unique origin. “Akhal” means “pure” and Teke is the name of the tribe that has bred them as far back as recorded. They are most commonly a golden dun (photo) but are accepted in all colors including a beautiful palomino. They have a metallic sheen to their coat in all colors due to hair structure. The opaque part of the hair is smaller and nonexistent in some spots while the transparent is excessive. These hairs bend the light making a gold-like or silver-like sheen. It is also quite common for them to have one or both eyes blue, not just in albinos. They also can have a speckled blue eye(s). They can have white marking on their face, legs, and body. There are no color limitations. These horses are fairly large, standing at 14.2 to 16.3 hands high and weighing from 900 to 1,100 pounds. The Akhal-Teke also has a unique temperament. They are excitable, vigorous, and restless but also sensible. They are also very sensitive, it has been said that they are so sensible that they will respond to mental signals. Though these horses were originally used as a war horse, they are now most commonly used in eventing, dressage, jumping, and pleasure riding. These horses are noted fro their speed and endurance over long distances. All in all, these horses are beautiful, ancient, and unique.

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Kayla is 13 years old and lives in Columbiaville, MI. She has a younger sister; two dogs, Macy and Emmy; fourteen chickens; and a Morgan horse named Babylon Dark Jezebel1 (we call her DJ)!  Kayla recently became an apprentice at Advance Horse Farm!

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