Healed by Grace 2 (+ DVD Combo Giveaway!)

Movie Review By Tab Olsen

Studio: Blended Planet
Distributor: Bridgestone Multimedia Group
Genre: family drama
Rating: NR
Dove Approved: All Ages
Run time: 1:32
Cast: Sean Young, Kennedy Martin, Natalie Weese, David Matthew Weese
Digital release date: 8/20/18
DVD release date: 9/18/18

“There’s a reason for everything. We’re just not sure what it is yet.” ~Riley Adams, in Healed by Grace 2

Healed by Grace 2 is a family-friendly movie, but the themes are more geared to teens and adults. It’s a serious drama with some comedic scenes. The story revolves around a girl named Jesse, who is approaching her 15th birthday. She really wants a horse, but her mom wants nothing to do with horses. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Jesse, her mother is diagnosed with cancer. Jesse’s father decides to send Jesse to a summer camp while her mother undergoes treatment.

Unfortunately, the camp is already full, so the well-intentioned father decides to take Jesse to stay with her estranged grandfather, a cantankerous old horse trainer named Gauff (more like Gruff!) whom the teen has never even met. Jesse’s mom would be livid if she finds out that’s where her daughter is, since she hates Gauff for being such a lousy father who was never there for her.

Healed by Grace 2 is a sequel to the original Healed by Grace movie, but you can watch the second one without having seen the first one as it’s not a continuation of the same plot. The protagonist in the sequel is completely different, but if you did see the first movie, you will recognize a couple of the characters who reprise their roles. The acting is good for the most part, although the camp director’s fake-sounding southern accent is annoying. Luckily he’s just a brief minor character.

Healed by Grace 2 was written, directed, produced, edited and scored (whew!) by David Matthew Weese, the same guy who plays Jesse’s dad. The movie was filmed in Indiana at the Cedar Creek Equestrian Center, Broken B Western Store, and a few other places. The warm interior of the western store is such an inviting, beautiful backdrop, it’s like I could smell the leather and wood right through the screen!

Anyone who likes horses will enjoy Healed by Grace 2 with its rural equestrian setting, as it includes plenty of horse-related activities including a horse show. But even if you’re not a horse lover, this movie will keep your interest and you might actually learn a thing or two. For example, I didn’t know what a “school horse” was, so I had to look it up. School horses are well-behaved trained horses that are used for teaching new riders.

One thing that struck me as odd, everyone in this story was hiding something. The mom kept a secret from her daughter, the dad kept a secret from his wife, the grandfather kept a secret from his granddaughter, and the dad confided a secret about his wife to her doctor. Also, the movie seemed to have some continuity issues because how did the nice lady who owned the western store always know where Jesse was and what she was doing? Not a major complaint but it just made me wonder.

In the first Healed by Grace, secular viewers probably found the constant references to God’s overarching role in people’s everyday lives to be a little too over the top. Healed by Grace 2 is much more understated in their biblical references, making it more palatable to viewers of all kinds. Characters do quote from the Bible occasionally, and Jesse is gently reprimanded “not to use language like that here” when she says “OMG” once, but that’s about as heavy-handed as this one gets.

Nevertheless, Healed by Grace 2 is a heartwarming tale of how God’s grace works in mysterious ways. This film may serve as an encouragement to viewers who have their own personal grievances, prompting them to make an effort to forgive and reconcile past offenses. Because you never know, the person whom you are still holding a grudge against may have turned over a new leaf. Well, it’s possible!

Available now on digital. Available on DVD September 18!

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  1. Thanks for your review. How did the acting come across to you?

  2. I read that over 300,000 copies of the first movie got sold. That just blew my mind. I love movies that are inspirational and so many people love horse movies to ! <3

  3. I am interested in watching Healed by Grace 2 with my family.

  4. Thanks for the chance looks like a great movie

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