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The Fall of Games, Rise of PC?

Back then we used to feel the excitement that each new console will improve the best graphics. Now it seems that people are starting to get games digitally and better.

Age of Empires vs. Civilization

In terms of world layout, campaign options, and game play, Civilization encompasses a big picture approach; whereas Age of Empires focuses on an up-close and personal experience.

ASU Studies How Computer Games Can Strengthen Families

I have fond memories of growing up in the 1990s, when our whole family – Dad, Mom, and boys – would gather around the computer after dinner to play Myst, followed by its sequels Riven and Exile. Like going on an exciting adventure, this was something that we all looked forward to doing together, each […]

Web Design for Kids and Teens!

By Chris Yust, Homeschool Programming, Inc. In this highly technological age, you may find that your children spend quite a bit of time on the Internet! They may be working in online classes, researching topics for papers, updating their social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter, or just surfing the web.  Regardless of what your […]

Ultimate Games For Boys: The Best Individual Player Computer Games

…by Emily Playing computer games will be near the top of any teen or pre-teen boy’s list of favorite pastimes. There is something for everyone, whatever their skills or hobbies, whether they play with friends or alone. From car racing and football to puzzle solving and action-packed adventuring, there is virtually no limit to the […]

Garry’s Mod

by DuneJumper If you like physics, creativity, and building things, you will like this game! Garry’s Mod (aka Gmod) is a first-person sandbox physics game that’s more like a whole playground, there’s so much stuff you can do. Gmod was originally created by Garry Newman, an amateur C++ coder living in Britain, as a free […]

Diablo 3 Game Review

By Andrew Epps I find Diablo3 deeply troubling. On the one hand, it’s a blast to tear through the beautiful isometric environments and it feeds my nostalgia for Diablo2. On the other hand, it crushes any and all enjoyment under the weight of bad game design, poor story writing and a development team that apparently […]