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Trine is a very interesting and beautifully detailed side-scrolling 3-D platform game that takes place in a medieval fantasy setting. The main story revolves around three unlikely heroes (a thief, a knight, and a wizard) who are brought together by a strange artifact called the Trine. In the single player campaign, you can play all […]

Computer Support Specialist

Computer support specialists help people use computers. When something goes wrong, support specialists figure out why. Then they try to fix it. To do well at this job, workers need to be good listeners and good at solving problems. Many support specialists answer questions over the phone or by e-mail. Others also help people face-to-face. […]

The Technological Terror

By Peter Olsen For my high school senior science project, my dad challenged me to build a computer from scratch – and he offered to foot the bill. I couldn’t believe my ears! Once I overcame the initial surprise, I started thinking about what I needed to do: research computer hardware, decide what to get, order the […]

Mirror’s Edge

A Game Review By Peter Olsen Mirror’s Edge is an interesting game. Its gameplay style is somewhat similar to a 2D platform game, but in first person 3D. I was excited about this game since its first public showing. Its release was not without problems, though. The first time I saw demo footage of Mirror’s […]