Building Information Modeling (BIM) as a Career Opportunity

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Building Information Modeling (BIM) incorporates powerful information management tools into the collaborative process of designing a building or other physical structure, using one unified system of 3D computer models rather than separate sets of two-dimensional technical drawings. BIM enables a virtual information model to be handed from the design team to the general contractor and subcontractors; each professional then adds their discipline-specific data to the single shared model. This offers enormous gains in saving money and time, much greater accuracy in estimation, and the avoidance of error, alterations and reworks due to information loss. Building Information Modeling also makes it easier to produce more complicated designs; for example, the uniquely curved Shanghai Tower (see photo above) was built using BIM.

Building Information Modeling lets you look at more than just geometry. It covers spatial relationships, light analysis, and geographic information. BIM streamlines the design process while providing extensive information on all building components to owners of complex structures and infrastructure systems. BIM also builds sustainability into the construction industry by enabling architects and engineers to analyze environmental issues in their design over the lifecycle of the building. In addition to architecture and building design, BIM can be used for just about anything in the built environment: dams and bridges, energy and utilities, highways and railways, tunnels and subways, ships and ports, urban master-planning and smart city design. BIM involves virtual construction, project management, and communication – but the data is key.

Building Information Modeling technology is a paradigm shift in an industry typically slow to adopt change. Yet in countries like the USA, the UK, the Netherlands, Canada, Australia, Singapore, the Middle East and India, the demand for BIM skills are rising. Building Information Modeling is expected to become standard practice in the coming years. But adopting BIM means much more than simply changing the software. To achieve all the benefits BIM offers, everyone in the architecture, engineering and construction fields will have to learn to work together in fundamentally different ways. And like any new technology, there is a great need for skilled manpower. Computer Aided Design (CAD) professionals, Civil Engineers, and Architects are turning into BIM job functions. Contracting firms are also hiring BIM specialists.

How can BIM be a good investment for small firms?

In many small firms, the designers or the architects have the idea that Building Information Modeling is only meant for large firms, requiring a large budget and lots of time, but this is just a myth. Actually, BIM helps the designers to save overall project time, which helps translate into spending more time to design while producing more accurate and higher quality work that impresses the customers. That’s why Future Gen Technology, a famous Revit training institute in Ameerpet, Hyderabad provides BIM course training to the evolving designers, architects, and engineers. By doing this BIM course training, they can make their small firm a successful one. For the success in providing training, Future Gen Technologies is now becoming the best BIM training institute in Hyderabad.

Many small firms don’t know about the 3D modeling, which helps to save valuable design time, or ready-made online BIM content, which they can drop into their BIM designs. Here are some ways the BIM can save time as well as money:

  1. Early detection of problems

By doing BIM course training, the designers and the architects can be able to facilitate the design of most of the physical aspects of a building using 3D modelling, that helps to collaborate throughout the architecture of the industries to access the information about the building components. With the help of BIM course training, you are able to create a virtual building model, which is an exact replica of the building. Thus, it allows the clashes to be detected early and the errors can be resolved as soon as possible. Like this, BIM can protect delays and save the budget.

  1. Design accuracy

The BIM course training enables the designers and architects to make the project more accurate, which can save time and money in the documentation and administration. It helps to calculate physical geometries and ensures that the designs are viable in the real world from the starting of the project. The BIM course training institute also helps to simulate the environmental scenarios that test the attributes, that can affect the design decisions.

  1. Grow the business

Using the knowledge of BIM course training, your small firm can provide new services that would allow you to create more businesses from existing clients. No need to bring additional staffs or consultants to access the business.

  1. Cloud rendering

The BIM course training helps you to produce high quality 3D architectural designs as well as documentation in a model based, coordinated environment. Since the floor plans of the model are designed in 3D, it is leaving you ready to render space with just a click of a button. The 3D images can sell the concept of a design to a building owner and help you to get move forward with the project.

  1. Easy project implementation and maintenance

One of the largest concerns in small firms is implementing new technology and executing it with proper implementation. The BIM course training has taken the worry of building and maintaining the project. With Building Information Modeling you can find a free and fully stocked library of the real manufacturer, MEP, architectural, interior design and structural elements for you to design.

The benefits of Building Information Modeling are far beyond just saving time and money. It will help to attract more candidates, protect your reputation by delivering exact drawings, and allow your small firm to accelerate the growth by providing additional services with a small investment.

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