National STEM Video Game Challenge

stem-challengeThe fifth cycle of the National STEM Video Game Challenge will launch on March 15, 2016. The challenge hopes to motivate STEM learning by leveraging students’ natural excitement to play and make video games.

The STEM Video Game Challenge aims to engage middle and high school students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (“STEM“) 21st Century Literacy Skills by challenging them to design original video games. Designing a video game involves systems thinking, creative problem solving, collaboration, communication, iterative design and computational thinking — all critical skills for pursuing successful 21st Century STEM careers.

All submissions will be due by August 15th. This extended submission period allows individuals and teams to enter and design their video games not only during the school year, but also — for the first time ever — during the summer months! (Note that eligibility will be linked to grade enrollment during the 2015-16 school year.) Winners will be announced in Fall 2016.

Middle school (5-8) and high school students (9-12) are invited to design games that incorporate STEM content or STEM themes in innovative and engaging ways, either as individuals or teams. Homeschoolers of the equivalent age (9-13 or 14-18) are eligible to enter as well.

View the 2014-15 Winners here (high school) and here (middle school).

The National STEM Video Game Challenge website provides all of the tools and resources you will need to get started and enter this exciting challenge. Click here:

Please visit for complete rules and eligibility information, and for more details in the months ahead.

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