The Fall of Games, Rise of PC?


By Nick Maker

Have video games started to decline with consumers over the past years? Have the developers started to max out their graphics point and will it become the next crash of 83?

I don’t know, but there are some who speculate that it may happen sometime in the future. Now why is that rumor going on? Well it all started in December of 2013 when the 8th generation consoles were just released. Xbox One, Ps4, Wii U; all starting to have a fresh line of games that all fans were excited about thinking, “wow, there is going to be a whole new powerful engine and graphics that are out of this world!” At first it did look like next-gen consoles but after they released the product it seems people didn’t think they got what they hoped for.

For example Far Cry 4 is released on the Ps4 and Xbox One. The graphics look good, but only slightly better textures; it isn’t out of this world. Even better is that it will release on the previous generation and compare the graphics to the new ones… it is not much different in comparison, just better lighting and textures, nothing more. What’s interesting is that most of the games are not 100% exclusive to the 8th generation consoles because the 7th generation console will have the same games. What’s worse is that people are getting better and smarter with computers nowadays, so they can install a better CPU and GPU chip into their computers!

Back then we used to feel the excitement that each new console will improve the best graphics and games that you can only buy in the new system. Now it seems that the developers are starting to max out their GPU power and people are starting to figure out how to get games digitally and better. Introducing Steam gaming software that was growing in popularity in 2010 and skyrocketed in 2013. I’m one of those people who uses the software because is easy to use, better prices, and you can get the games right away!

Now for the people who are saying that PC is superior and is the master race in gaming. Please, stop that. It sounds arrogant, and tiresome to hear in every comment I read on the internet. It means nothing to the consumers who know which system they like to buy. People like different types of gaming hardware because of perspective or maybe comfort in consoles. Like me for instance, people say the Wii U is failing and is the worst console ever! Well I own one, I’m having fun with it, and I don’t care about graphics very much because that’s not what games are all about.

In my experience in Steam at first I hated it because I had to use a mouse and keyboard, and I really didn’t like it. Later on I got a controller for my PC and started to like it. Do I think PC is better than my Wii U? Let me ask you a question with a question. Does it play Mario Kart? I thought so, but not only that, sometimes is a hassle at least for me to fix some minor problems such as a game crash or frame rate issue. So my point is who cares if one is better or not, as long as you’re having fun with it.

Now will the gaming industry die? Maybe not, because Sony introduced a new digital software that is similar to Steam on which you can download any Sony games, and a rental called Playstation Now. So maybe in the future the 9th or 10th generation of gaming could turn out to be only streaming like Netflix to support the engine’s power, and that’s too bad because I liked collecting disks at my desk as a memento. Just like I collected CDs and movies to collect and enjoy, now it’s just a matter of time when businesses have to adjust and adapt to the new trend that people are going for.

About Nick: “I am a studious person who loves reading and loves researching about virtually anything! I play the piano and every year I have to give a performance in a church. I love video games – especially when it’s a puzzle and action game. I would like to become a programmer one day in the field of computer science. I love my family so much, even if we drive each other crazy sometimes, we’re still one big happy family.”

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