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God Doesn’t Make Mistakes

NEW COLUMN! Poems to Ponder, by Hannah Barber   God Doesn’t Make Mistakes Look into the mirror and smile, At the face looking back at you. You are just as beautiful, As the girls you look up to. God doesn’t make mistakes, Every face, He made himself. God sees your beauty, Even when you can’t […]

The Insatiable Quest for Beauty, by Tiffany Dawn

Nonfiction Book Review, by Libby Have you ever wished you were beautiful? Again and again, we are told that true beauty is on the inside, but in a photo-shopped world, it is hard to find our true beauty in Christ. In this heartfelt and honest book, Tiffany Dawn shares her struggle of trying to feel […]

I’d Rather Be Beautiful

Generation Lost, by Leah Kmosko A friend of mine recently explained to me the difference between a “hot” girl and a “pretty” girl. “She’s hot,” he said, pointing out a tall, thin girl in our class who dressed like she was from some Hollywood fashion show. “She has that body…ya know, she could be a […]