Start Your Own Natural Cosmetics Business

Do you dream of starting your own handmade cosmetics business?

The beauty industry is one of the highest-grossing industries in the market, and it’s growing at a rapid pace. Entrepreneurs all over the world are investing in cosmetics and coming up with new and better products every day. Beauty products enhance your facial features, take care of your hair, and provide you with healthy, glowing skin. Cosmetic science is the study of the effects that raw materials and mixtures can have on parts of the human body like hair, skin, lips and nails.

The maker movement includes a niche of people dedicated to creating and selling self-made beauty products. Maker cosmetics include perfumes, creams, lotions, body butter, shampoos, bath bombs, and more. Organic cosmetics are also becoming mainstream due to the fact that certain chemicals may be harmful if absorbed through the skin. Jules and Esther is one company that makes cosmetics in small batches using natural non-toxic ingredients. It was founded by Maria Capritto Lambert who concocted her own skincare remedies from scratch.

Getting Started

If making your own cosmetics is something that interests you, choose one product to start with. Experiment with different recipes, and decide on what specialty ingredients to use. For example, perfume sprays can be created at home using ethanol (96%, or even Vodka or Everclear), essential oils or fragrance oils, infused oils, botanicals, flavor extracts, distilled or spring water, and glycerine.

In addition to the raw materials, you will need a variety of tools which may include: glass bottles, test tubes, beakers, jars, measuring cups, measuring spoons, eye droppers, lab thermometers, pH paper, plastic spatulas, funnels, and a digital scale. Your cosmetics business must have some startup funds for buying these supplies as well as for other expenses. The Chemists Corner will give you an idea of how much it will cost you.


Let family and friends try your product, and make improvements based on their feedback. Keep track of what you do so you can recreate a perfect batch. The FDA does not require you to test your cosmetics before releasing them to the market. Still, you are responsible for making sure your products are safe and not adulterated. Follow the FDA guidelines for good manufacturing practice.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration website even has a Homemade Cosmetics Fact Sheet for people who are new to the cosmetics business. That’s right, there are no rules or regulations against making cosmetics in your own home! As part of your learning process, take a free online class in organic formulation. Make cosmetic science / indie beauty entrepreneurship a homeschool elective course so you can get credit for your work.


Once you have your formulation and the manufacturing process down, you will have to think about product packaging and marketing. Create memorable graphic designs such as logos, business cards, websites and brochures to make a lasting impression on your potential clients and public. Be sure to label your cosmetics properly.

Before starting your own homemade cosmetics business, write up a beauty products business plan to keep you on track. You can download a SAMPLE_BUSINESS_PLAN for cosmetics business online. Good luck in your new venture!

Are you a homeschool entrepreneur or family business making and selling your own cosmetics? Let us know and we will feature you in a future issue!

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