Coloring Books for Teens

By Tab Olsen

Coloring may seem like a childish pastime, but it’s so much more than that. What once was an activity that kept so many of us entertained as children, has become a trend that teens and even adults can enjoy. Coloring is a perfect example of how sometimes the classic, low tech activities are best.

Coloring is calming! There is just something relaxing about putting color to paper. Coloring brings out our inner child and can distract us from the daily pressures of life. In fact, studies have shown that coloring mandalas or geometric patterns really does help alleviate stress and anxiety.

Coloring is creative! When filling in a coloring book, you can control how the picture looks. Blank page coloring offers even more freedom to express yourself. Many teens enjoy doodling and experimenting with complex colors and textures, including bright fluroescents and metallics.

Coloring is convenient! Not all hobbies can be taken everywhere you go, but coloring happens to be a hobby that is easily portable. People can bring their coloring books with them on car trips, plane rides, heading to the park, or relaxing at a coffee shop. You can color anytime, anywhere. No charging needed!

Johnny Depp could be seen doodling at various times throughout his recent defamation trial – possibly to help pass the time, alleviate anxiety, or to bring some levity to his situation. He walked into the courtroom carrying an artsy notebook donned with the phrase “Built To Last” on the cover, and he was also photographed coloring in what appeared to be a reproduction of Matisse’s Dancers with purple and pink highlighters.

If Johnny Depp can color without embarrassment when millions of people are watching, you don’t have to feel self-conscious about coloring whenever and wherever you wish.

Don’t have any colored pencils or markers handy? You can doodle or sketch in a blank book with a regular ballpoint pen or pencil. They even have backwards coloring books where the colors are already there and all you need is a pen or pencil to draw the lines!

No matter your interest or skill level, there’s a coloring book for you! I don’t know why, but ever since kindergarten, I’ve always enjoyed drawing and coloring stained glass designs. I also love inspirational quote coloring books.

Here’s an assortment of coloring and drawing books for teens! Which ones do you like?

Art Therapy Coloring Book For Teens

365 Promises from God’s Word

Patterns of the Universe: A Coloring Adventure in Math and Beauty

The Golden Ratio Coloring Book: And Other Mathematical Patterns Inspired by Nature and Art

Pocket Coloring Inspirations: Travel Size Motivational Coloring Book

God Bless America Patriotic Coloring Book

Anime Coloring Book for Teens

Backwards Coloring Book: Wildflowers

Scribbles & Doodles

There are a lot more coloring books for teens on – click here!

By the way, if you decide to buy any of these coloring books, clicking through the links on this page will give us a small commission at no extra cost to you. 🙂

P.S. Download a free coloring page to get you started!

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