The Insatiable Quest for Beauty, by Tiffany Dawn

Nonfiction Book Review, by Libby

Have you ever wished you were beautiful? Again and again, we are told that true beauty is on the inside, but in a photo-shopped world, it is hard to find our true beauty in Christ. In this heartfelt and honest book, Tiffany Dawn shares her struggle of trying to feel beautiful. She shows how a quest for beauty is an insatiable one, no matter how much makeup you wear, or how few clothes. In a blunt, yet touching manner, she lets every girl know that they are indeed loved by God, and truly beautiful, inside and out.

I liked: Everything! This is one of the best books on beauty I have read. I loved that at the beginning of each “coffee date” (chapter) she shared what kind of coffee she was having. I enjoyed her brutal honesty, as well as her chapter reviews. I loved this book because she is very well spoken, yet still approachable. She is sincere about her struggles, and she does not sugar coat what the quest for beauty is. Throughout the book, I found myself sympathizing and relating to her struggles, and this book pushes you to be a better person.

Overall, I believe this is the best book on beauty that I have read thus far. If you know any girl ages 13+ who is struggling with her body image, I would recommend this book!

Thank you so much to Tiffany for letting me review her fantastic book!

Check out the author’s website for some awesome music as well as some book-related material.

As it happens, you can buy this book for your Kindle for the marvelous price of $2.99! So go, my friends, and purchase this fantastic manuscript!

Libbi H.

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