Letter from the Editor: April 2019

Happy April!

I sure am glad March is over. Well, not really, because it’s like I missed most of it and couldn’t even enjoy spring break week. I was sick for literally the entire month. By the time the nasty cold or whatever it was went through everyone in the family, it seemed to come back and start all over again. I was coughing for weeks, always feeling tired and under the weather, and even hard of hearing because my ears were so plugged up. This was the worst cold I ever had in my whole life! I was starting to wonder if I’d ever feel better again. It turned out to be a definite reminder that even when you may think the bad times are never going to end, eventually they do. So don’t fret, you just have to be strong and hang in there until you get through it. But enough about that…

It’s National Poetry Month! Poetry is an art form, just like painting or singing. Poetry comes in many different styles. People of all ages can appreciate poetry. No matter what your taste is, there is a poem for you. Poetry can be serious and thoughtful, or humorous and fun. Poems can be in the form of ballads, sonnets, light verse or free verse. Poems often rhyme, but they don’t have to. Poetry can be interesting to read, and enjoyable to write. There are poems in all of us waiting to be coaxed onto paper. Send your poems to mail@homeschoolingteen.com and we’ll publish them!

Now for the main purpose of my letter: introducing the new issue of HOMESCHOOLING TEEN magazine! Now you can read The Pilgrim’s Progress movie review and enter the ticket giveaway we promised you! Also this month there is an Easter article, a dark chocolate infographic, a review of Drive Thru History: The Gospels, and Grace reviews The Passion of Dolssa (this book sounds pretty interesting if you like medieval fiction). Be sure to read about Christy Tortland, a talented and creative illustrator who got to put her artwork on a military jet! Plus there is the usual eclectic selection of articles on various topics, so I know everyone will find something of interest. 🙂

Click here to view the April 2019 Table of Contents.


Hope you have a wonderful month and a blessed Resurrection Sunday!

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