Homeschooling Teen Magazine – April 2014

Happy April!

We have lots of great articles for you this month at! From Missions and Music, to Money Management and much more– you’re sure to find something of interest!

In This Issue:

Homeschooling Teen Profile

Effie Carlson: The New Elephant in the Room

Homeschooled until college, Effie is a small business owner and married mother of three running for the Arizona House of Representatives.


Homeschool Friendly College

Florida Free Bible, Missionary, Work Training Center (BMW)

A tuition-free Bible School with a specialized focus in missions, operated by Teen Missions International.


The World Around Us

Bring Hope And Inspiration To The Country Of Cameroon Through Books!

Join me and my missionary friends to send books to Africa.



Is the Pharmacy Technician Career Field Right For You?

The Pharmacy Technician career is a great example of a job you can begin to see if working in healthcare is right for you.


College Life

Music Classes

Music classes provide many rewarding benefits that young people can greatly benefit from.


Homeschooling High School

Higher Secondary Homeschooling – Your Child’s First Step Towards Success!

The three main reasons cited by most parents for homeschooling high-school students are: school environment, moral values, and academic dissatisfaction.


Guest Column

6 Smart Ways Homeschooling Can Work Wonders For A Mom of 3 or More!

If you have more than three kids and seriously thinking about managing your domestic chores and homeschooling, then take a look at these guidelines.


Teen Tech Talk

How Facebook Changed Our Vocabulary Knowledge

The popularity of Facebook has had an impact around the world, and its effects can be seen in the very structure of English language.


Razor’s Edge

Money Management

We’ve all heard the phrase that money can’t buy happiness, but poor management of money can quickly lead to unhappiness.


Poems to Ponder

Me and Serenity

A Poem, by Hannah Barber.


Country Girls Knowledge

Life Is Like A Mirror

A Poem, by Katie.


Life is What You Make of It

Always There

A Poem, by Serenity.


Need a Clue?


Do you know that not many people recognize the martial art form of Hapkido? “Hap=harmony, Ki=path of discipline, Do= art.”


Narrelle’s Column

The Divergent Series, by Veronica Roth

With the release of the movie Divergent at the end of March, this dystopian sci-fi trilogy has quickly become one of the most popular young adult series.


Nonfiction Features

Abide with Me: A Photographic Journey Through Great British Hymns

Abide with Me: A Photographic Journey Through Great British Hymns is a gorgeous hardcover book that would be a wonderful Easter gift!


Book Reviews

Chasing Jupiter, by Rachel Coker

When the world around you falls apart, dreams are all you have.


Game Reviews

Age of Empires vs. Civilization

In terms of world layout, campaign options, and game play, Civilization encompasses a big picture approach; whereas Age of Empires focuses on an up-close and personal experience.


Xbolt’s Anime Reviews

Ghost Hunt

A Japanese paranormal detective anime that quotes the Bible in almost every episode!



Writing Contest Honorable Mention: Stacey Turner

This world has an infinite amount of opportunities. Homeschooling is one of them. Why do I love it?



Seven Day Plan to Stay Productive

This infographic sets up a plan for anyone in a rut that is looking to really get on track!

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