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Homeschooling Teen – April 2018

The April issue of Homeschooling Teen magazine is online!



Ella Kerrisk: Professional Photographer at Age 16

Ella credits her family and homeschooling for her success.


Lanier Technical College

Lanier Tech offers over 45 affordable programs of study in some of the nation’s fastest-growing career fields including healthcare, energy, business and industry, and public or private service.


High School Conference at the Reagan Ranch

At a high school conference at the Reagan Ranch, teens can walk in President Reagan’s footsteps and learn conservative ideas.


Introducing 1-2-3 Entrepreneur!

An affordable entrepreneurship course that fits into your high school curriculum.


Scholarship Resources for Your Community

Community Resource reviews and rates the best scholarship search platforms of 2018.


How to Choose the Best Nursing Degree for You

Advice from an RN on how to get started in the nursing profession, plus a scholarship opportunity!


China’s Worst Nightmare: A Nuclear Free North Korea

Imagine a world where the North Korean nuclear program ceases to exist.


Rabbit Trail

A hypothetical conversation between a Christian and a non-Christian.


God’s Not Dead 3

Even in life’s darkest valleys, a small flame can light the way toward healing and hope.


World Video Game Hall of Fame 2018 Finalists

What are your favorite classic video games?


Online Safety for Homeschooled Students

Hackers Gonna Hack… Bullies Gonna Bully. Here’s what you can do about it.


10 Most Comfortable Animal Beds

Check out this cute infographic about animal beds!


Strange Sleeping Habits of Famous People

This infographic showcases the strange sleeping habits of 61 famous people.


Strange Habits of Famous Writers

Here is an infographic about the strange habits of famous writers!


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