Homeschooling Teen – December 2021

Merry Christmas from Homeschooling Teen!Welcome to the December 2021 issue of Homeschooling Teen magazine! The articles for this month are listed below. Or view them all at


Editor’s Column

Letter from the Editor: December 2021

I’d love to hear your thoughts, ideas, suggestions. Let me know if I can use those thoughts and your first name in an upcoming article or editor’s note, too.


Homeschooling Teen Profile

Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear, aka “Barlow and Bear”

Barlow and Bear: two former homeschoolers team up to make beautiful music!


Guest Column

Considering Homeschool For Your Kids: Pros and Cons

If you’re considering homeschool for your kids, read about the pros and cons so you can make a more informed decision.


Homeschooling High School

Tips For Keeping Your Teen Focused In Homeschool

If your teenager is having trouble focusing on his or her homeschool studies, see what you can do to help them stay focused.


Homeschool Electives

American Citizenship and Its Decline

The newest online course from Hillsdale College teaches the significance of American citizenship and the threats it faces today.


Homeschool Friendly College

Dixie State University will soon become Utah Tech

Dixie State University will soon be called Utah Tech University.


College Life

How Do I Find A Good College Admission Consultant?

These tips will help you find a good college consultant who will serve as the mentor in your admission process.



Are There Careers in Law Besides Becoming a Lawyer?

This infographic from Litigation Services describes various occupations that can be obtained in the legal industry for those interested in law.


Grace’s Garden

Celebrating Scumminess: Dunkirk Movie Review

Christopher Nolan’s “Dunkirk” (2017) doesn’t focus on the heroes. He focuses on the cowards, the ones who shoved others aside to make sure they, personally, got home.


Product Reviews

XP-PEN Drawing Tablet Review

The XP-PEN Deco 02 is a great drawing tablet – see the difference it makes!


Right-Wing Teen

SCOTUS Hears Challenge to Roe v. Wade

Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization is widely seen as an opportunity for the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade.


Read the Bible

Happy Birthday Jesus!

When Jesus arrived, the world hardly noticed; but Wise Men Still Seek Him.


Advice Paradise

Advice Paradise: Kyle, My Best Friend, and a Special Someone

Advice Paradise is a column where you can ask questions, read our answers, and offer your own advice!


The World Around Us

Building a Group of Friends When You Move to a New City

If your family has just moved to a new city or to the countryside and you are a teen, chances are, the move may have been a big challenge for you.


Health Corner

Kiai : the Key to Stress Relief

A kiai isn’t just a karate yell. There are many other uses for the kiai, including stress relief.


Game Reviews & News

Headphones for All Occasions

Headphones nowadays are cheaper, more durable, and produce better audio quality.


Teen Tech Talk

How to Create the Perfect Productive Homeschooling Study Space

Having a dedicated study space can help you overcome the challenges of school at home.



Infographic: 7 Tips for Finding a Mentor

An infographic that features 7 tips on how to find a life-changing mentor.



Dirk Derrick Scholarship for Those Affected By Auto Accidents

The Dirk Derrick Car & Truck Accident Injury Scholarship is for students who have had their life altered due to an injury (their own or a loved one’s) from a car or truck accident.



A Christmas Carol Infographic

Check out this infographic to learn more about Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.”


Your freebie for this month is: “The Nativity Story.”

Two-page Word doc | Two-page PDF

Print it out (double-sided) and make copies for inserting in Christmas cards, give as handouts, or read aloud to the kids. Remember, Jesus is the reason for the season.


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