Tips For Keeping Your Teen Focused In Homeschool

By Lewis

Do you have a teenager you are currently homeschooling? It can be challenging even for adults to focus on certain tasks they don’t enjoy or aren’t looking forward to, and even more so for a teenager. Although this might seem like a tall order, your teen can get through their homeschooling studies and come out ahead, if you can keep them focused. Learn more about what you can do to help them and how you can ensure they stay on track with their studies.

Have a Clear Work Area

Before you get your teenager started on their schoolwork, it helps to have a clear area focused on studying so they aren’t trying to wade through clutter to find what they need. Help them by going through any piles that are currently on their desk, and find a home for everything, even if that means putting it in the trash. This might sound extreme, but having a work area that isn’t covered with different items can give your student the clarity they need to work on their studies without thinking about anything else.

Eliminate Distractions

Another way you can help your teenager stay focused is by getting rid of any distractions they are currently dealing with. Perhaps this might be noise from the TV or radio, or maybe they just need simple background sounds, like a fan running to help them study. Everyone is different, so ask your child what they believe would help them the most. Try to keep the setting similar to how you would in a traditional classroom, so your student can make the most of study time. This is especially important if they meet with their teacher or tutor online, and need to ask questions.

Give Your Student Breaks

Although making time for studying is important, you should be checking in with your student to ensure they are taking breaks. If they are dealing with information that is difficult to understand or they are moving between subjects they find tricky, it can be helpful to take a break before moving on to more challenging material. A break can help your teenager clear their mind and give them a much-needed mental rest. It can also be used as a reward and might be helpful if what they were working on was very difficult or something they simply didn’t like doing. Just as adults need a break during work, it’s just as important for teenagers who are studying.

Get Additional Help When Necessary

The subjects your teenager is studying might be challenging for them, and cause them to need assistance. Maybe they need a tutor who has experience in what they are learning, or perhaps they would benefit from meals that focus on their needs, like what USANA Singapore can offer for support, or maybe they need additional practice in a particular area. Whenever you sense your teenager is struggling with their work, try to identify what is causing the problem, and then see how you can help. You might need a lot of intervention, or it could be as simple as making a few changes. Taking care of it now can save you a bigger headache later on.

If your teenager is having trouble focusing on their homeschool studies, see what you can do to help them. Find additional assistance if you believe they need a tutor, and make sure they are taking plenty of breaks so their mind has a chance to rest. Keep their work area clutter-free, so they aren’t battling piles of books, papers, and other items that are lying around, and try to find and eliminate any distraction within the house. This can make it easier for them to study, and pay attention to what they are learning. It can also teach them key skills that can set them up for success in life when they graduate from school and move on to college or even the workplace.

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