Homeschooling Teen – November 2021

Welcome to the November 2021 issue of Homeschooling Teen, a monthly online magazine for homeschooled high schoolers ages 13-19 and their parents. This month’s articles are listed below, and you can view them online at


Editor’s Column

Letter from the Editor: November 2021

Happy Veterans Day … Happy Thanksgiving … Happy National American Indian Heritage Month!


Homeschooling Teen Profile

Ajay Kumar Raja

Ajay Kumar Raja, a homeschooled teen and math major, was UC Berkeley’s youngest student when he started there full-time at age 14.


Homeschooling High School

Homeschooling Tips for Teens on the Spectrum

Homeschooling can be an excellent approach to providing a tailored education for teens on the spectrum.


Homeschool Electives

Schoolhouse Rocked: The Homeschool Revolution

SCHOOLHOUSE ROCKED is a feature film that shows how homeschooling is good for students, good for families, and good for culture!


Homeschool Friendly College

Southern Methodist University

Southern Methodist University (SMU) is a private research university based in University Park, Dallas County, Texas.


College Life

Pursuing Your Grad School Dreams as a Homeschooler

If you’re an ambitious student and it’s a dream of yours to someday get a Ph.D. or Master’s degree, why not plan ahead for grad school.



Physician vs. Physician Assistant vs. Nurse Practitioner

In clinical health care settings, there are multiple career paths like physician assistant (PA), medical doctor (MD), and nurse practitioner (NP).


Product Reviews

Some of Our Favorite Christmas Gifts

A list of our favorite and most memorable things we’ve received for Christmas. Since we like them, you may like them too!


Grace’s Garden

Eldest was Depressing (Book Review)

In the first book, Eragon became a Rider and killed the shade Durza. In Eldest, now he needs to train for his responsibilities.


Read the Bible

Join the iBIBLE Revolution

iBIBLE, by the creators of “The Pilgrim’s Progress” movie, will present the entire Biblical narrative from Genesis to Revelation.


Right-Wing Teen

The 400th Anniversary of the First Thanksgiving

November 2021 marks the 400th anniversary of the first Thanksgiving!


The World Around Us

12 Ways to Help Blind and Visually Impaired Students

Student volunteers can provide assistance for blind or visually impaired students and others.


Advice Paradise

Advice Paradise: Cookies, Racism, and Thievery

Advice Paradise is a column where you can ask questions, read our answers, and offer your own advice!


Travel & Recreation

US Automobile Museum Map

Find an automobile museum near you and explore everything that it has to offer!


Game Reviews

Will Scandal-Ridden Facebook CEO Escape to His Own Metaverse?

The name “metaverse” refers to efforts to combine virtual and augmented reality technologies in a new online realm.


Health Corner

Anxiety Disorders & How to Help Someone with Anxiety

Anxiety does more than just annoy; it ultimately sucks the joy out of living.


Teen Tech Talk

ARRL Scholarships for Amateur Radio Licensed Students

Every year the ARRL Foundation awards over a million dollars in scholarships to deserving amateur radio operators of high school and college age.



Amazon Future Engineer Virtual Fulfillment Center Tour

Explore careers in computer science with a virtual Amazon Fulfillment Center tour!



Carindigo Scholarship for Hispanic and Latin Car Enthusiasts

The Carindigo college scholarship for Hispanic and Latin car enthusiasts has a deadline of November 30th!



Infographic: 12 Sleep Routines for Teens

An infographic designed to help teens develop better sleep routines at night so that they can be happy and productive all day.


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