Are There Careers in Law Besides Becoming a Lawyer?

Are you interested in studying law but don’t necessarily want to become a lawyer? A courtroom offers many career opportunities in a variety of areas. Courtroom jobs can involve working up front and center, or working behind the scenes. The judge is the top person in charge, but the support positions play an integral role in the daily operations of a courtroom. Here’s a look at several career possibilities in a court of law.

JUDGE – A judge oversees court proceedings, sentences defendants in criminal cases, and determines liability in civil cases.

DEFENSE ATTORNEY – Responsible for presenting the defendant’s case in court, the defense attorney creates legal documents and gives clients legal advice.

PROSECUTOR – The prosecutor represents the jurisdiction that has brought charges against the defendant and argues for a conviction.

COURT REPORTER – The court reporter records all of the proceedings during court cases, using specialized equipment to transcribe everything that is said.

PARALEGAL – A paralegal conducts research for attorneys and examines the law, finding legal precedents to help bolster defense or strengthen a prosecutor’s case against the defendant.

COURT CLERK – The court clerk is responsible for preparing and issuing orders of the court, as well as managing the court docket and calendar for the judge.

COURT INTERPRETER – The court interpreter serves as the translator for defendants who don’t speak the language used in court proceedings. They must be well-versed in specialized and legal terminology, jargon, and nuances of meaning.

BAILIFF – The bailiff maintains order in the courtroom and is responsible for guarding the jury during trials to prevent outside contact.

CORRECTIONS OFFICER – A corrections officer is responsible for escorting prisoners to and from the courtroom, as well as monitoring prisoners’ behavior in holding cells.

Here is an infographic from Litigation Services that describes various law careers and related occupations that can be obtained in the legal industry, with average salaries and education required:


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