Advice Paradise: Kyle, My Best Friend, and a Special Someone

“It’s a jungle out there. Disorder and confusion everywhere. No one seems to care.” Well, WE do! That’s why we started this column… Advice Paradise!


We’re not psychologists, counselors, therapists, or experts – we’re just fellow homeschoolers who are willing to offer a little friendly advice. Sometimes it helps to have a second opinion, and we’re here for you. The Advice Paradise team will answer questions on homeschooling, relationships, religion, and life in general. No question is too trivial. Just ask about anything you want to know! We promise to keep it simple and get straight to the point. In some cases, a bit of wit or sarcasm also does the trick.

Check out the following questions and see if any of them apply to you, or maybe you’ve been in the same situation and have some helpful advice to give someone else. Post a comment if you think you have a better answer!

1. What do you think of the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict?

Kyle, a 17-year-old boy, was aggressively attacked by three men. #1 was a convicted pedophile who threatened to kill him and attempted to seize his rifle. #2 was a convicted domestic abuser who repeatedly bashed Kyle over the head with a skateboard as Kyle lay on the ground. #3 had a lengthy criminal history (including an arrest for hitting his grandmother); he came up and aimed a loaded handgun at Kyle’s head. Good thing Kyle had a means to defend himself against these bad people.

2. My best friend’s dad passed away, what should I say and do?

Sit with him and be quiet. Follow his lead. If he wants to say something, listen attentively. If he wants you to talk, speak calmly and compassionately.

3. What should I do if I think I have found “that special someone”?

Introduce this person to your family. Don’t rush into anything. Check your feelings. Ask your mom or dad for advice. Best wishes!

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