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RevelationMedia is on the forefront of delivering engaging and culturally relevant material that promotes Biblical literacy, discipleship, and world evangelism. They produced The Torchlighters Heroes of the Faith series, The Pilgrim’s Progress animated movie, and now they are working on the new iBIBLE – the world’s first visual and interactive presentation of the entire Biblical narrative!

iBIBLE will revolutionize how people all over the world can engage with God’s Word. iBIBLE will be available on DVD, online, and through an app for the more than 5 billion smartphones around the globe. This format has the potential to be translated into the 7,000+ living languages of the world.

Nowadays there are lots of great Bible apps, videos, illustrated storybooks, even graphic novels and manga Bibles, but iBIBLE will be the first interactive animated series to cover the Bible from Genesis to Revelation in chronological order as one cohesive story revealing God’s plan to redeem and restore mankind.

That is to say, iBIBLE will not be the whole Bible word-for-word; but rather, a narrative presentation of every significant event revealed in the Bible – approximately 18 hours in total length. While the script often paraphrases Scripture and is based on multiple Bible translations, no dialogue or characters will be added that are not from Scripture.

iBIBLE got its start in 2015 with a dream in which God revealed to RevelationMedia founder, Steve Cleary, an assignment to produce a significant project that would change the world, and now that dream is coming true!


Imagine God’s Word brought to life in gorgeous high-quality animation! To give viewers a sneak preview, RevelationMedia has created six 30-second trailers, one for each completed episode of iBIBLE so far. These trailers will captivate viewers and get them excited about the message of Scripture and the beautiful, unified story of mercy, love, and the glory of God portrayed in it. Please watch, enjoy, and share these trailers for iBIBLE Chapters 1-6!

Chapter 1

The first chapter of iBIBLE focuses on the creation account. To highlight the power of God in His creative act, we zoom in on His first utterance, “Let there be light,” while a collage of images from days one through six of creation build visually. Finally, man and woman are shown in the garden with God.

Chapter 2

The Chapter 2 iBIBLE trailer introduces the crafty serpent and the deceptive words that he spoke to Eve in the garden. We see the temptation of Eve, followed by her taking a bite of the fruit God commanded her not to eat. The impact of sin is revealed in the changes to the surrounding nature in the garden, and the coloring of the scene grows dark. The trailer ends with a sense of confusion and fear as God’s voice booms, “What have you done?”

Chapter 3

The Chapter 3 trailer shows Cain after he has murdered Abel. He is shown working in the field as God calls out to him and asks, “Where is your brother Abel?” We see the thoughts that may have gone through Cain’s mind as he flashes back to what happened to his brother. While the images of his crime are shown on the screen, we hear Cain responding to God: “I do not know. Am I my brother’s keeper?”

Chapter 4

The fourth iBIBLE trailer begins with God summarizing the situation on the earth. It is corrupt and filled with violence. Then, we hear His voice call to Noah instructing him to build an ark. A rapid montage of images show the ark being built, and the trailer ends with the ominous rumbles of a storm coming.

Chapter 5

This chapter of iBIBLE is full of joy and promises, culminating with the covenant that God makes with Noah and all of creation. In the trailer, Noah and his family are shown emerging from the ark, along with all the animals in joyful obedience to God’s command to “come out from the ark.” Elephants trumpet, and birds take to the skies in joy as they go forth to fill the earth again.

Chapter 6

Chapter 6 is the shortest of the first six chapters of iBIBLE. It presents the story of the tower of Babel. The speech given by Nimrod is featured in this trailer. As he speaks, we see the people arrive in the land of Shinar and then begin to build the tower.

Additional Resources

When the project is complete, each iBIBLE chapter will come with an in-depth resource section that will highlight characters, locations and timelines; review God’s instructions, promises and interactions; include trivia and Scripture memory for students, devotionals for parents, and suggested outlines for teachers.

Be a Part of the iBIBLE Team as a Donor or Translator

RevelationMedia plans to freely distribute iBIBLE to the global missions community and to the world, making it the most significant Bible distribution project of our generation. You can participate in this historic revolution in Bible distribution! Give a one-time donation, or become an iBIBLE producer for only $35 per month. Monthly donors will receive exclusive insider access to scripts, scenes and characters as they are being produced, as well as other rewards.

The iBIBLE comes with open-source translation tools and a free license for approved partners to translate iBIBLE into 7,000+ languages. The Translator feature of the app will allow local partners to record the audio in any language, right from their smartphone. ANY community, speaking ANY language, can directly take part in producing a visual Bible in their own language or dialect. There is no cost or restriction outside of becoming an approved iBIBLE Translation Partner.

With the Farsi translation of the first six chapters now posted on YouTube, the iBIBLE mission is underway! This is only the beginning, with many more languages to come!

Visit the official website at to view the first six completed iBIBLE chapters, see Behind-the-Scenes stories, read the FAQs, and learn more.

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