Infographic: 12 Sleep Routines for Teens

By Jennifer

I was reading about The Social Life of the App Addicted Teen on Homeschooling Teen and wondered, is it a negative thing that teens are so constantly connected to the mobile world? Well, it is if you spend too much time on your phone late at night and don’t get enough sleep because of it! Healthy sleep routines are important for teens so that they can be happy, alert, and productive in school.

Sleep is vital for the physical and mental health of everyone, especially teenagers. In fact, teens who don’t have proper sleep routines are proven to have diminished academic performance and increased health problems such as obesity and weakened immunity. Sleep deprivation in teens has been linked to the inability to concentrate, anxiety and depression, risk of suicidal thoughts, and drowsy driving accidents.

The growing bodies and developing minds of teens thrive on sleep. A constant lack of adequate sleep is unhealthy and unsafe; it can even be deadly, if you are behind the wheel of a car. Here is a quick list of tips that will help teens get more quality sleep at night, courtesy of SleePare. For more details, skip down to the infographic below.

  1. Go to bed at the same time each night
  2. Avoid sleeping in on weekends
  3. Don’t take on too much
  4. Consider your internal clock
  5. Limit video games
  6. Plan meals accordingly
  7. Keep naps short
  8. Poor sleep = bad driving
  9. Pay attention to your emotional health
  10. Avoid peer pressure
  11. No phones before bed
  12. Utilize time management

Now for the visual that outlines 12 of the best tips to help teens get better sleep to boost wellness and productivity. All of them are backed by science!

You can see the original infographic here.

SleePare will guide you to the best sleep essentials of your dreams.

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