Schoolhouse Rocked: The Homeschool Revolution

Don’t miss the groundbreaking feature film, SCHOOLHOUSE ROCKED! Available for streaming November 12th – December 31st. You choose the date!

This moment in our society has instigated huge changes in how Americans think about education. Is that a good thing? Well, it can lead to good things! The number of homeschool families has doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled in some states!

To help us examine the times and understand where we find ourselves, a new and very exciting feature film is premiering this month!

SCHOOLHOUSE ROCKED is a powerful story about the importance and impact of home vs. public education. Six years in the making, this feature-length documentary is an in-depth profile of the homeschooling movement and how it is affecting families across the country.

The film follows host, Yvette Hampton, as she travels the country with her family, meeting other homeschoolers and education experts in an effort to learn the secrets of successful homeschooling and to tell the story of the millions of people who have been part of the homeschool revolution.

This documentary will impact countless lives by…
• Encouraging a flood of new families who aren’t yet homeschooling to dive in!
• Bringing much needed encouragement and resources to current homeschool families so they will stay the course.
• Breaking down the common misconceptions and negative stereotypes that many people have about homeschooling.

SCHOOLHOUSE ROCKED features interviews with well-known homeschool voices such as Heidi St. John, Israel Wayne, Andrew Pudewa, Zan Tyler, and many more.

Do you believe in homeschooling?

There’s a revolution transforming American education and it’s not happening in the classroom. This is your opportunity to spread the word that homeschooling is good for students, it’s good for families, it’s good for culture! SCHOOLHOUSE ROCKED is an exciting and much-anticipated documentary that will no doubt have a powerful and lasting impact on millions of families for decades to come.

The film’s digital premiere is November 12th! If you can’t watch on that date, pick any available date through the end of the year and buy a ticket! Tell your family and friends to put it on their calendars! You can reserve your ticket to watch this amazing production in your own home – or at a friend’s home – with movie snacks! Only one ticket needed per household! OR you can host a viewing party at your church or in your neighborhood to introduce people to the real story of the homeschool movement in America.

The movie itself is about an hour-and-a-half long. Each screening has an introduction and a special behind-the-scenes featurette that follows the film. Please keep in mind that you will have 4 hours from your start time to watch the film and any bonus content.

Get your ticket now! Pick the day and time that works best for you, and buy a ticket to watch. Only one ticket is needed per household for at-home viewing. Upon purchase, you will receive a viewing link for your chosen screening date.


You can also check out the SCHOOLHOUSE ROCKED podcast to find loads of encouraging and informative content about the homeschooling movement, special topics and how-to’s, and engaging interviews with hosts Yvette Hampton and Aby Rinella. The series of “cast interviews” with people appearing in the movie is especially timely! (Available via your favorite source for podcasts, or on the SCHOOLHOUSE ROCKED YouTube channel.) Click here to visit the official movie website.

How has homeschooling impacted you and your family? Leave a comment!

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