U.S. Automobile Museum Map

automobile museum map

A museum collects, preserves, and interprets exhibits with historical context and related information on display to educate visitors. An automobile museum explores the history and technology of automotive-related transportation. Auto museums are good places to check out all sorts of beautiful, rare, vintage and interesting cars.

By taking a road trip to an auto museum, visitors can learn how the automobile was created, how it works, and how it has changed society, along with insightful stories about those who built the vehicles. From the first cars ever made to cutting-edge electric vehicles, auto museums offer a unique look at vehicles from the past and provide a glimpse into what they may look like in the future.

Most car museums feature diverse collections, but a few focus on just one kind of car. Some automotive museums are owned by automotive manufacturers while many are owned by private individuals, auto clubs, or other organizations. Auto museums are a great resource for car and motorsport enthusiasts, and they often have open houses, auctions, swap meets, workshops, car shows, and other fun events.

Whether you’re interested in foreign cars, historic vehicles, classic cars, fin cars, hot rods, muscle cars, sports cars, race cars, concept cars, unusual vehicles, or high-tech automobiles, auto museums have something for everyone. There’s an automobile museum in almost every state, too, so you’re likely to find one close to you!

The US Automobile Museums Map was put together so people can easily find an auto museum that is near their location. There are literally hundreds of them across the country! Here are some examples:

Gilmore Car Museum, Hickory Corners MI – This museum’s collection of over 300 vintage automobiles and motorcycles tells the story of America through the history, heritage, and social impact of its motor vehicles.

Hollywood Cars Museum, Las Vegas NV – This automobile museum is home to some of the most famous cars from movies and TV shows, like the DeLorean from “Back to the Future,” KITT from “Knight Rider,” and General Lee from “Dukes of Hazzard.”

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum, Indianapolis IN – If you’re a fan of the Indy 500, you will enjoy this museum’s incredible collection of historic race cars, including all four cars AJ Foyt raced to Indy 500 victory.

Lane Motor Museum, Nashville TN – This museum is full of weird and one-of-a-kind cars, such as propeller cars and a hand-built replica of Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion car. It’s also one of the few museums in the U.S. to specialize in European cars.

National Corvette Museum, Bowling Green KY – This automobile museum is perhaps best known for the 30-foot sinkhole that opened up beneath the showroom floor and swallowed up eight rare Chevy Corvettes. Patrons can now visit the Corvette Cave-In, a stand-alone exhibit within the museum, to learn more about the events of February 12, 2014 – and find out what happened to those poor cars!

Newport Car Museum, Portsmouth RI – This museum focuses on seven decades of modern industrial automotive design and celebrates cars as works of art. From the 1950s to the present, separate galleries of Ford/Shelby Cars, Corvettes, World Cars, Fin Cars, Muscle Cars and Mopars have been carefully curated to appeal to both men and women as well as all generations, from grandparents to parents to children.

Petersen Automotive Museum, Los Angeles CA – Petersen Automotive Museum is considered by many to be the premiere automotive museum in the U.S. The Petersen Museum has over 100,000 square feet of exhibits and 300 vehicles, including lots of vintage Volkswagen models.

Volo Auto Museum, Volo IL – The Volo museum consists of five buildings where you will find all kinds of classic cars, cool television and movie cars, as well as lots of other vehicles including military, tractors, vintage campers, motorcycles, pedal cars, and boats. A unique feature of this museum is that many of the vehicles on display are for sale. So the collection will change as cars are sold and others are brought in.

The US Automobile Museums Map is a comprehensive resource that includes all automotive related museums in the United States – both large and small – along with their address, phone number, and website if that information was available.

In addition to the United States, the same site has automobile museum maps for Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

Click on the link to find a museum near you and explore everything that it has to offer!


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