Homeschooling Teen – November 2020

Welcome to the November 2020 issue of Homeschooling Teen magazine! The articles for this month are all listed below. Enjoy!


Editor’s Column

Letter from the Editor: November 2020

Homeschooling Teen is a monthly online magazine for homeschooled high schoolers ages 13-19, BY Homeschool Teens… FOR Homeschool Teens!


Homeschooling Teen Profile

Kelsey Bryant, Co-Author of A Very Bookish Thanksgiving

Kelsey Bryant is the author of faith-filled historical and contemporary fiction for girls and young women.


Homeschool Friendly College

TEL: New Dual Credit Options for Homeschool High School Students

TEL: Transforming Education for Life through affordable, quality, college-level courses.


Homeschooling High School

Learning to Drive: Top Tips for Teens

The minimum age to start learning to drive in the USA is 16 in many states, though in some states you can get started when you are only 14!


Homeschool Electives

TEL Learning: A Free Library of High School Course Materials

TEL Learning offers a collection of free, openly licensed high school course materials.


College Life

Virtual Homeschool-Friendly College Fair & Conference

“Get Connected” is the first annual Homeschool-Friendly College Fair and Conference.



Find The Career You Love – FREE Career Enjoyment Interest Test

Are you struggling to choose a career that you will love, adds value to the world, and pays a good salary? Take the Career Enjoyment Interest Test!


Camille’s Poetry Corner

My Grandmother’s Feet

In “My Grandmother’s Feet,” I tell the story of a woman who has volunteered, bettered the world and traveled around the globe.


Life’s a Beach

Goodness Gracious Goats!

Ali writes about all the big and little happenings that spice life up, the chaos of a big family, homeschooling and farming.



Growing Up Poor in America – Documentary Review

This documentary offers a powerful look at growing up poor in the time of COVID-19 — told from the perspective of children.


Grace’s Garden

Review of “Avatar: The Last Airbender”

The Netflix series, Avatar: The Last Airbender, is an awesome show!


Read the Bible

Giving Thanks

It is God’s will that we give thanks always. Happy Thanksgiving!


Product Reviews

CSB Holy Land Illustrated Bible (Review & Giveaway!)

The CSB Holy Land Illustrated Bible is a visually immersive Bible reading experience.


Right-Wing Teen

Congratulations to Justice Amy Coney Barrett

Congratulations to Amy Coney Barrett on becoming the 5th woman in history to be appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court!


Advice Paradise

Advice Paradise: Social Skills, Math, and More

Advice Paradise is the place for homeschooling teens to ask questions, read our answers, and offer your own advice!


The World Around Us

How To Be More Eco-Friendly As a Teen

Use these simple tips to make positive changes in your life that will help you live a more eco-friendly life.



Over the Moon: Taking Imagination and Science to New Heights

Netflix’s “Over the Moon” reaches new heights in science and creativity.


Teen Tech Talk

Say Goodbye to Google

Say “Goodbye to Google” for excluding conservatives, Christians, and freedom-loving patriots from the public square.



Zippia “Dream Job” Scholarship

What is your dream job? Enter the Zippia Dream Job Scholarship Contest!



How to Become a Data Scientist in 8 Easy Steps

An infographic showing how to become a data scientist in 8 easy steps.


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