How To Be More Eco-Friendly As a Teen

By Lewis

As a teenager, it can feel like you can’t do enough to help make the world around you a better place. It’s normal to feel that you can’t make a difference in the things that are wrong in the world, but that’s usually not the case. Of course, one person cannot single-handedly save the planet, but everyone can do their part to help. Especially when it comes to the environment, even the smallest of changes can make a huge difference. There are many ways that you can make more environmentally conscious choices in your life. Use these simple tips to make positive changes that will help you live a more eco-friendly life.

Reduce Energy Consumption

Leaving electronics plugged in mindlessly or leaving lights on is a quick way to needlessly use up energy. Be sure to always check the lights and electronics chargers before you leave the room. Many new technologies also come with energy-saving options. In addition, bigger commitments like solar panels may be something you can think about for a future home or bring up with your family. Although many are worried about the solar panel cost, there is evidence that they end up saving money in the end.

Use Natural Light

Where you get your light from can make an impact on the environment. During the day, natural sunlight can be a simple way to minimize your energy consumption. If you use natural light, like sunlight from windows or candles, you can reduce the need for artificial light. This can also help by reducing the possibility that you leave lights on by accident, which will waste energy. Additionally, many light bulbs can be harmful to the environment, so be sure to check what others in your house are buying.

Get Rid of Waste

You’ve probably learned the phrase “reduce, reuse, recycle.” Unfortunately, getting rid of waste isn’t that easy. You also need to take into consideration the waste that you cannot put into your recycling bin. Instead of throwing out leftover food, consider composting. To reduce waste, you can add composting approved food scraps to your pile such as fruit peels and coffee grounds. Compost piles will also help plants grow. They also reduce the need for chemical fertilizers, which can be dangerous.

Reduce Plastic Use

Plastic waste is a large component of the environmental problems the world is facing right now. Many of the plastics you use that you throw into the trash can end up in the oceans, which can harm marine life. It may also end up in landfills.

You can limit single-use plastics and reduce the amount of plastic pollution in the world with a few simple changes. Try remembering to bring along reusable grocery bags with you to the grocery store or using reusable vegetable bags instead of the single-use plastics grocery stores provide.

You can say no to plastic straws at restaurants and drink straight from the cup or invest in a reusable straw made of silicone or metal. Depending on where your family shops, you may be able to buy certain grocery store items in bulk which eliminates unnecessary plastic packaging.

Limit Water Use

Using unnecessary water is something everyone’s done at one time in their life, whether it’s from running the shower too long or leaving the water on when you brush your teeth. Being mindful of the amount of water you’re using is a great way to help the environment with just a simple change. Always turn the faucet or water supply off when you’re not using it.

Try Ride Sharing

Biking or walking to local stores is great for the environment, but if you do have to drive somewhere, try hitching a ride with a friend or coordinating with others to reduce the amount of cars on the road.

There are many simple changes teenagers can make to help the environment. You can also set an example for family and friends and educate about the simple changes they can make to help save the environment.

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