Say Goodbye to Google

Goodbye to GoogleAre you fed up with the way big tech and the media have conspired to stifle conservative voices and even entire political movements?

Say Goodbye to Google!

A few liberal-biased and completely unaccountable computer programmers in Silicon Valley are dictating what we do and do not see in our Google searches.

When you use Google to search for something online, the company is manipulating your search results, tracking your online behavior, and blocking truthful content from their platform – thereby threatening your privacy, your freedom of speech, and even our democracy.

Through this manipulation they can and do sway elections and public opinion in whatever direction they want.

Dr. Robert Epstein, a social sciences researcher specializing in Google, testified in the Senate about the dangers of big tech censorship and warned that Google could influence the 2020 election, saying, “These companies, in this year, can shift up to 15 million votes.”

Unfortunately, Congress never got around to actually doing anything about it. 🙁

It’s not just Google…

Google, Facebook, Twitter and others all monopolize and censor the news and information that you are allowed to access.

Both the mainstream media and the Big Tech companies censored the publication of information pertaining to the Biden family’s alleged use of public office to enrich themselves.

Heck, Twitter was blatantly censoring the tweets of the President Trump on Election Day! So tell me who is the most powerful leader of the Western World – is it the President of the United States or CEO Jack Dorsey of Twitter???

Simply put, Google and all these other tech companies are actively suppressing access to pro-freedom news and opinion.

Big Tech is Out to Kill Free Speech

Evidence suggests that Google rigs their search algorithms to direct traffic away from conservative and Christian websites, effectively choking traffic to those sites.

This means that pro-freedom, pro-family, and pro-life sites are visited less frequently and, therefore, their message is being silenced by Google.

In fact, the Big Tech giant dramatically INCREASED their censorship as the U.S. presidential election approached, effectively excluding conservatives and Christians from the public square.

The great irony is that, while Google executives talk a lot about maintaining freedom of speech and diversity, these hypocrites are in fact ATTACKING free speech point-blank!

This kind of manipulation poses a lethal threat to our democracy.

LifeSite is Out to Protect it

At this point, the only way to stop Google is to quit using their platform.

Personally, I have started using as my default search engine. This is not an endorsement, but I’m far happier knowing that my every search isn’t being recorded, and that I’m trying to do my part to protect democracy.

Don’t contribute to Big Tech’s assault on democracy! Say Goodbye to Google!

Please SIGN and SHARE the LifeSite* petition-pledge to stop using Google’s search engine.

Then CLICK HERE to find alternative search engines, social media platforms, browsers, email, and more.

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Not Quite Ready to say Goodbye to Google?

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