TEL: New Dual Credit Options for Homeschool High School Students

By Kathy Burt

I’m reaching out to let you know about an exciting new opportunity now available for homeschool students. TEL’s online, dual credit courses allow students to continue their high school education while at the same time earn college credit.

As a non-profit, missional organization, TEL is committed to making a college education universally available. TEL partners with accredited institutions and training organizations to deliver affordable, quality, college-level courses for any student, anywhere, anytime.

There are three ways a student can access our courses:

  1. Micro-Collegiate University – This new program is a great opportunity for the families that are new to the homeschool market due to Covid-19. Families or learning groups can enroll directly in the Micro-Collegiate Academy to provide high school education for their homeschool students. The program is all-inclusive, providing curriculum, instruction, and support. With the independent option, homeschool families can determine their preferred schedules and sequencing for the course. Students enrolled in the MCA program have the opportunity to earn up to 60 hours (two years) of college credit by the time they graduate high school. There is currently a 50% discount for the rest of this year while funds are available.
  2. Courses on Demand– Our courses may be purchased individually, may be taken at any time, and are self-paced. The 3 hour college-credit courses are transcribed through our regionally accredited university partners (including Oklahoma Christian University and Mid-American Christian University), which makes the credits for the courses highly transferable. Taking our courses allows a student to earn college credit while still in high school. The Courses on Demand are $67 per credit hour or $200 per course.
  3. YC Academy– This program is a partnership between York College (regionally accredited) and TEL. The program allows high school students to complete an Associate’s in Arts degree by the time they graduate. The all-inclusive associates degree is $4000.

As you can see, TEL has some great options when it comes to homeschool-friendly college courses for high school students. I hope you will take time to look through the links, and consider one of these unique learning opportunities!


TEL: Transforming Education for Life

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