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Career Enjoyment Interest TestBy Tab Olsen

Are you struggling to choose a career that you will love, adds value to the world, and pays a good salary? Matt Donatelle, Certified Career Coach and Creator of the “Career You Love In 15 Days®” course has developed a FREE Career Enjoyment Interest Test.

Now there are lots of career assessments, tests, and apps that help students choose a career path. But Mr. Donatelle spent years developing his test, so this one is much more comprehensive than many others while also being extremely easy to use.

The Career Enjoyment Interest Test is powered by state-of-the-art reporting tools and has a database pool of over 1,000 well-paying careers. Users will be custom matched to specific careers based on their personality.

This test is so short and quick, you may wonder how accurate it’s going to be. Especially when it’s free! Well, I’m going to tell you from my experience…

The test itself looks like the image above; there are six pages of activities (10 on each page = 60 total) for which you click on “not enjoy / not sure / enjoy” for each activity. I found myself putting “Not Sure” for a lot of them, so I was wondering how my results would turn out, if it would even be able to tell me much of anything.

After you spend just a few minutes taking the test, you click on “submit” and the free report is generated, but you must provide your e-mail address to have it sent to you. Now here’s the catch: at first you only get a sample report that gives you some basic information to start with, such as your personality interest type.

According to the RIASEC model, there are six personality types: Realistic (Doers), Investigative (Thinkers), Artistic (Creators), Social (Helpers), Enterprising (Persuaders), and Conventional (Organizers). The test matched me really well, labeling me as a Conventional Organizer and an Investigative Thinker. It’s true! I’m very organized, orderly, thoughtful and inquisitive; I’m not very artistic, hands-on, social or enterprising.

The report said that I thrive in a traditional structured environment, I work best in a well-organized team, I enjoy documentation, and I get along with enterprising personalities. All of which describe me perfectly. So I’d make a good court reporter, legal assistant, medical transcriptionist, computer programmer, electronic drafter, or data specialist.

And… that’s where the free report ended. BUT the full premium report is only $19, so the cost is very reasonable if you want to receive the full benefit of Mr. Donatelle’s expertise. You sure couldn’t make an appointment with a professional career counselor for that low price!

The premium report provides a much more in-depth profile of your interests and unique personality. It will offer a longer list of careers that match your personality. (Lucky for me since I’m not too interested in the legal, medical, or computer fields, which were the first ones that came up.) It will also give you a detailed report for each career with a career video, career description, educational requirements, future outlook, etc.

Even if you’re just a little curious, I’d say it’s well worth giving the Career Enjoyment Interest Test a try. See if it can help you choose a great career that you will love!

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Creator: “Career You Love In 15 Days®” eCourse

Creator: “Career Enjoyment Interest Test®”

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