Homeschooling Teen Magazine – June 2016

Sparky-gradHappy June! Hope your summer vacation is off to a good start. We managed to get a pretty full issue this month even though many of our columnists graduated this year and will no longer be writing for us. So we’re sad to see them go, but we’re happy that a couple of them have decided to stay on at least for a while. In this issue you will find several articles related to music as well as computers, along with two book reviews and a movie review. Alifia answers a bunch of questions about homeschooling, Alesha wrote an interesting article about wildlife, and homeschool mom Angelica Laurio tells about some awesome contests that are open to teen homeschoolers. Looking for a place to go on a trip this summer? Check out “Field Trips USA” which lists a lot of great educational travel destinations around the country. Before you head out to the beach or park, be sure to review the “Sun Safety Tips for Teens.” There is also a helpful infographic about how to hunt for a job. Read all of these articles and more at!

Juliette, Zachary, Kaylee and Luke: Four Homeschool Graduates in the University of Mary Washington String Quartet

Zach, Luke, and Kaylee Payne make up three-fourths of UMW’s string quartet along with fellow homeschooler Juliette Guilloux, the fourth member.


University of Mary Washington

The University of Mary Washington is one of Virginia’s outstanding public liberal arts universities.


Why It’s Important to Get a College Education if You Want to Be an Artist or Musician

Here are a few reasons why it’s important for artists and musicians to obtain a college degree.


Tips on How to Produce Quality Writing Under Strict Time Constraints

Don’t struggle, run out of time, or give up on your assignment writing – simply follow these tips for success!


Learn and Master Piano: Homeschool Edition

Learning to play the piano is easy with the Legacy Learning System.


Home Away from Home: How to Feel at Ease your Freshman Year

How to feel at home away from home in your first year of college.


Passion for Politics? 4 Majors You Should Consider

Do you like politics? Here are four majors you should consider.


Social Studies – 5 Degrees for Extroverts

Are you an extrovert? Here are five of the best degrees for you!


Contests for Teen Homeschoolers

Homeschool teens are able to participate in some AWESOME national contests.


Q&A With Alifia: Homeschooling Stereotypes & Others Part 2

Alifia answers a bunch of questions about homeschooling.



I learned some interesting things about Eastern Deciduous forest and urban animals that I would like to share with you.


Field Trips USA

Fifteen of the best field trip destinations in the USA that have lots of educational value and would be memorable family vacations as well.


Sun Safety Tips for Teens

Sunshine on your shoulders may make you happy, but it can also give you a sunburn.


Book Review: The Human Story

This book takes us on a lively journey through human history.


The Applewhites at Wit’s End, by Stephanie Tolan

Jake Semple and E.D. Applewhite are back to save the day in this lighthearted summer camp-themed sequel to Surviving the Applewhites.


Solomon Kane: The Puritan Warrior

A ruthless mercenary forsakes his violent past to become a man of peace but is then called to take up arms against the forces of darkness.


Free HTML Tutorials: Learn How to Make a Website

Want to build your own web page or blog? These free online resources will teach you the language of the web.


What is Binary?

There are only 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary and those who don’t.


How to Hunt for a Job

This infographic gives away the best tips on how to hunt for a job.

Read all of these articles online at!

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