Why It’s Important to Get a College Education if You Want to Be an Artist or Musician

Why It's Important To Get A College Education If You Want To Be An Artist Or MusicianBy Anita Ginsburg

For many people, their art or music is their life’s passion. It is indeed true that you can make a living as an artist or musician. However, just because art and music are creative fields does not mean you will be fine without a college education. Below are a few reasons why it’s important for artists and musicians to obtain a college degree.

Many Art and Music Positions Require a Degree

Not everyone can be the next Picasso or Lady Gaga. Chances are you will have to settle for applying your talents either towards the business or academic world. If that is the case, a degree will likely be demanded from the relevant employers. Without an online master’s degree in music education, for example, you may not qualify for a music teaching position at most schools.

Competition in the Job Market Can Be Tough

Competition for many positions, including those that involve art and music, can be fierce. With many other applicants, a college degree will be needed to advance to the interview stage. A master’s degree will also give you an advantage over those that only have a bachelor’s or associate’s degree.

It Can Make You a Better Artist or Musician

Studying art and music in college can certainly allow you to improve your craft. You will learn the techniques professionals use and become proficient at them. This can allow your music and art to become more complex and detailed thanks to the new knowledge obtained. Your art and music will mature to a point it wouldn’t have without your new knowledge and skills.

It Can Allow Your Work to Reach More People

In general, to obtain wide exposure for your art or music, you will need a position that requires a degree. For example, composing music for a television series will certainly require a degree. Similarly, doing graphic design work for a national advertising campaign will require a degree as well.

It Can Help You Build a Network

Obtaining a college degree also means forming a network of connections that can help accelerate your music or art career. You could intern with future employers. Alternatively, you may end up working with past professors or fellow students on different music and art projects.

Just because you are used to creating your art or music on your own does not mean you should go without a college degree if you wish pursue a career in art or music. Such a degree can help you improve your craft and make a lot of money off of it after you graduate.


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