Passion for Politics? 4 Majors You Should Consider

Passion for Politics, 4 Majors You Should ConsiderBy Ani O.

With politics nearly everywhere you look, you may be feeling the itch to get into the political field yourself. Whether you aspire to break into local politics, those at the state level, or maybe even make it to the White House someday, it can be overwhelming figuring out where to start. Choosing the right major to help you develop excellent leadership, effective communication, strong economic skills, and a firm base of government and political knowledge is of vital importance.

International Relations

A degree in international relations will provide you with a strong background in history of various nations, government, and foreign policy. Understanding the intricacies of how different countries, states, communities, and regions interact and relate to each other is very important when considering running for political office. A degree in international relations is often heavily based in history, in an effort to look at what kinds of things were effective in the past in order to apply them to modern day conflict.


Master’s of diplomacy programs focus on the importance of communications and problem solving in the context of the international community. A degree in diplomacy arms students with a thorough understanding of how world issues affect international relations as well as domestic ones.

Political Science

Political science may be the most obvious of majors for those considering political office in their future, but many people do not actually fully understand what political science is. A degree in political science is designed to help you explore the theory, practice, and science behind global politics. Political science majors gain a broad understanding of the world of politics and can directly put their studies into practice upon graduation. Besides addressing modern politics and history, practicalities such as speech making, fundraising, and financial planning are also addressed.


The saying that “money makes the world go ’round” is very true in politics. A degree in economics will help prepare you for understanding what governs the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. This is beneficial when drafting legislation, making governing choices, and also provides reassurance to a voter base in times of economic trouble.

The political scene is extremely varied and part of what makes it intriguing is the variety. When choosing your education and career path, think about what will help you enhance natural skills you already possess to best achieve your goals. While certain majors do lend themselves to the political road, many politicians have surprising majors. Use your education and experience to broaden your potential rather than limit it.


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