Homeschooling Teen Magazine – July 2016

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Meet Teen Entrepreneur Allan Miguel “BoMacho” Laurio

This homeschooling teen has his own lawn mowing business.


The University of Dallas

The Catholic University for Independent Thinkers.


Introducing Young Teens to New Academic Concepts and Ideas

It is up to the homeschool parent to introduce teens to the tools and concepts they will need to compete in the business world as an adult.


Teen Entrepreneurship

Teaching teens about money, business, and entrepreneurism is beneficial.


Six Things Students Can Do to Help Them Choose the Right Major

Most universities require students to declare a major by the end of the sophomore year, or even upon acceptance.


Broaden Your Career Options: Six Tips For Success

One of the first things to do when considering career options is to know where to start.


Patriotic Degrees: 4 Ways Your Education Can Serve Your Country

Patriotic options for serving your country and earning a great income at the same time.


Top Online Tools to Keep You Motivated to Study During the Summer

Websites and online tools that make the summer learning process more enjoyable and interesting.


Why Homeschooled Students Should Play Sports at Brick and Mortar Schools

Just like there is the No Child Left Out act for students with disabilities, there should be a No Child Left Out act for homeschoolers.


RV: The Movie

A dad is stressed and worried about losing his job and his lifestyle, but with the help of a homeschool family, realizes that his family is more important than his work.


Game Review: Invisible Inc.

A stealth video game about a mercenary espionage agency in the latter years of the 21st century.


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst: I Am Faith

For Faith Connors, every day is literally a leap of faith.


The Troubles: Will Brexit Take Northern Ireland Back to ‘71?

This movie review provides a lesson in late 20th-century Irish history and current events.


Five Reasons to Consider Studying Health

A health career is an opportunity to make a difference and change lives for the better.


Adaptive and Assistive Technology for People with Physical Disabilities

Technology is making life easier for everyone, including people with physical disabilities.


STEM Scholarships

This article lists a variety of STEM scholarship opportunities for high school and college students.


Effective Business Communication Apps

The best communication apps for business!

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