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Emergency Management

Emergency management professionals develop plans and procedures for responding to natural disasters, terrorism, and other emergencies.


Beyond the choice of going to college or not (which you have to make yourself) what options are there? Here’s some general information to get you started.

Bryant & Stratton College

Bryant & Stratton is a unique college that offers a mix of challenging academics, practical education, and real world experience through a flexible, contemporary curriculum in a personalized environment.

Work at Home as a Medical Transcriptionist

Why is medical transcription a good fit for home-educated teens and families?  Deborah Burns, the owner of a Phoenix-based medical transcription service, says it’s because MTs work independently, with little supervision, and must have common sense, along with a good work ethic. Medical transcriptionists type/transcribe from audio recordings. The reports involve interesting stories about people […]

How to Start a Career in the Hospitality Industry

Housekeeper. Desk clerk. Hostess. Waiter. While these aren’t particularly flashy or lucrative jobs, they are all entry-level positions in the hospitality sector that can serve as a stepping-stone to a high-paying, long-term career. In fact, many students hold these jobs not even aware of the opportunities they may lead to! A career in hospitality can […]

What Is a Home Health Aide?

Ever wonder what a person who is a Home Health Aide (HHA) does? Read about what they do, their typical work life, and the necessary training and certification of HHAs. By Erica Morely What a Home Health Aide Does Home Health Aides, or HHAs for short, are medically trained aides who work with patients on […]

What Do Ultrasound Technicians Really Do?

By Lisa J Parmley Ultrasound technicians are also known as diagnostic medical sonographers or simply sonographers. Because of the unique duties and skills contained in an ultrasound technician job description, the U.S. Department of Labor considers ultrasound technician jobs to be distinct and separate from radiology jobs. Sonographers are responsible for a series of activities […]

5 Tips for Landing in a Paid International Internship Program

An internship is a method of on-the-job training for white-collar and professional careers, similar to apprenticeships for trade and vocational jobs. Internships are beneficial for students to gain experience in a particular career. Internships can be a significant benefit to employers as well, since experienced interns often need little or no training when they begin […]

Reasons to Consider an Information Technology Career

Author: Christopher Altieri Companies have been using computers to improve how they do business for many years. Initially, information systems were applied to simple tasks like transactional processing, employee management, and inventory tracking. Over time, businesses began to seek solutions for other aspects of industry including manufacturing and distribution. Large technology firms were happy to […]

Becoming an EMT: How Do I Get EMT Training?

By Issac Mills It’s wonderful that you have made the decision to become an Emergency Medical Technician, but now, the challenging work begins. And regretfully, the solutions to oft-asked questions typically aren’t very easy to come by. How exactly do I become an EMT, anyway? Just how do I pinpoint what university to apply to, […]

Career Planning Tips for Homeschooled Teens

By Steven Burrell Many parents are choosing to homeschool their teens through high school today, due to increased school violence and above average drop-out rates in some regions. However, outside of teaching the basic high school curriculum, a homeschool program should also address the future career goals of each student. Colleges and universities often require […]

What to Expect From a Career as a Neurologist

By J. Cutler Neurologists encounter many different tasks from day to day. Depending on the specialization of each physician and his or her particular caseload, many treatments and tests can comprise an average day. For example, a neurologist might diagnose a patient’s sleep disorder symptoms using special tests that involve brain wave mapping, eye tracking, […]

What it Takes to Be a Nanny

A very common job for responsible teenagers is being a nanny for a family because of its easy schedule and good pay. Though it can be a difficult job at times it can be rewarding with many great benefits. Here is the info you need to know before you become a nanny: Job duties: Being […]