Purpose Driven Christian Mentoring for a Best-Fit Career

Best-Fit CareerBy Bill Gray

I’m reaching out to Home Schoolers / Educators with some good news. I’ve created an online course – Purpose Driven Christian Mentoring for a Best-Fit Career – which benefits students and parents alike.

In this course, you will identify your inner BEING qualities and BEHAVING capabilities that match who you might BECOME in a Best-Fit Career (occupation, calling, vocation, ministry) that brings you satisfaction and glorifies God.

1. Students identify Careers that match how God has designed them.

  • Typical Home Education/Schooling does NOT do this.
  • My course helps students align “avocation” with “vocation” so their life and livelihood will be satisfying – and this glorifies God.

2. New Home Educators share existing expertise as a Mentor and solicit input from other Professionals in the workplace.

  • This helps new Home Educators overcome “feeling alone, on my own” and “feeling uncertain about teaching my children.”
  • For example, I trained 300 beginning Student Teachers to involve Professionals while mentoring over 1,000 youth (grades 4-12). They did this before taking classes on Instructional Methods, Curriculum, Discipline Techniques, etc.
  • This satisfying experience motivated them to pursue a B.Ed. degree and become effective teachers who maximize learning.

3. Veteran and New Home Educators learn HOW to provide “structured enrichment” that is NOT part of the “normal curriculum.”

  • This online course teaches HOW to create a Mentor-Assisted Enrichment Project that solicits children’s input.
  • This motivates them to carry out Activities and complete “their” Project – to identify Best-Fit Careers.
  • Most Projects focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) plus “the Arts” (STEAM).

This online course is based on 16 semesters of research when I was a Professor preparing future teachers PLUS my experience training 20,000 Mentor-Protege Partners to produce intended Results in the Corporate Sector.

It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish. After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.

PROMO: https://graysacademy.teachable.com/p/purpose-driven-christian-mentoring-for-a-best-fit-career

OVERVIEW: http://homeschoolingteen.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Purpose-Driven-Christian-Mentoring-Overview.pdf

Find Your Best-Fit Career Now! Enroll for only $19!

About Bill Gray:

Since 1978, Dr. William A. Gray has designed over 150 different mentoring solutions for many different groups and purposes including online courses for mentoring college freshmen, new hires, career development, leaders, assertiveness, and more. Dr. Gray has a B.A. (psychology) and M.Ed. (educational psychology) from the University of Virginia and Ph.D. (educational psychology) from the University of Texas. He taught educational psychology courses at the University of British Columbia (1970-85), where he first began developing Formalized Mentoring Programs.

Website: http://www.mentoring-solutions.com
Blog: http://www.christianmemoirs.com

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