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LearnHowtoBecome.orgThe average price of tuition for a four-year college degree more than doubled in the past twenty years, according to data from the National Center of Education Statistics. Today, there are more ways than ever to avoid student loan debt while pursuing a flourishing career path that doesn’t require a bachelor’s degree at all, such as:

  • Earning money while you learn a trade through a paid apprenticeship.
  • Beginning job training in high school through career and technical education programs.
  • Pursuing shorter credentialing options at any point in your career.

Learn How to Become has recently been revamped and updated as one of the premier career exploration resources for prospective students as well as individuals looking to take the next step in their career journey. Contents include:

Learn How to Become aims to provide a comprehensive resource for those seeking to begin a career, or begin working toward a degree in their desired field. Find out how you can gain the education and experience necessary to break into your dream career in the following categories:

  • Arts & Humanities
  • Finance & Business
  • Computers
  • Engineering
  • Medical
  • Science & Technology
  • Mental Health
  • Education
  • Nursing
  • Physical Health
  • Public Service & Legal
  • Vocational

If you’re not sure what you want to do yet, Learn How to Become also provides access to the one-of-a-kind Lantern Career Quiz assessment tool, a free resource to uncover jobs that match your interests, personality traits, likes, and dislikes. You can retake the career test as many times as you want.

Learn How To Become is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that pay to be listed, “but they’ll never be able to pay to be part of our rankings.”

Find your career. Find your future.

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